Teacher witnesses murder by Zoom on student’s screen

Florida, United States.

A Florida teacher witnessed for Zoom scenes one of a murder in the home of one of his female students which he saw covering his ears to hear the shots of a man who he killed his ex-girlfriend in Indiantown in southeastern Florida.

The Martin County Sheriff, William Snyder, pointed out through a video on social networks that a bala reached the screen of the minor.

The Martin County Police detailed that Donald J. Williams, 27-year-old shot and killed his ex-girlfriend on Tuesday Maribel Rosado Morales, of 32.

In the victim’s home, in Indiantown, more than 60 miles north of Miami, there were six minors between the ages of 10 and 17, four sons of Rosado and two cousins ​​of the younger, neither of them Williams, the bailiff specified.

One of them, of 10 years, was preparing for his first day of virtual class Due to the COVID-19 through Zoom, with the teacher on the other side, who had to turn off the volume so that the others students they won’t listen.

“The teacher’s statement is that she heard a shock. He heard a conversation in a high pitch, noticed some kind of confrontation, silenced her and then watched the 10-year-old take the hands to ears“, specified the bailiff.

None of the children turned out injured, but several of them witnessed the shooting, Snyder added.

The Sheriff’s Office noted that Williams fled but was detained carrying a stolen weapon.

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Snyder said Williams confessed to the crime and faces charges of first degree murder, robbery armed hand and home invasion, among others.

Noted that Morales had just come out of the jail for a charge of domestic violence.

He specified that the couple had been separated for the past year and had a history of problems.

“It’s a sad case. It’s a terrible case. He came in and confronted her with something related to a video. Then we learned that there was a conversation about Facebook. And he says she really started laughing and he was enraged there it Shooting”he explained. EFE


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