Teachers’ Association: “Close primary schools” | Inland

LIA points out that the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) did not base its advice to the government on scientific evidence about the spread of the corona virus. “The safety of teaching staff cannot be sufficiently guaranteed, especially in a sector in which many people over 50 work,” the union writes in a response.

As far as LIA is concerned, teachers must be able to decide for themselves whether they want to take the risk of standing in front of the class. “For themselves as well as for a family member, or a person with whom the teacher has regular contact who is at (great) risk,” writes the union.

LIA also thinks it is a bad thing if teachers are to devote half of their time to digital lessons and half to classroom lessons. “The workload is far too high for that. Soon the teacher shortage will become even greater than it already is. ”

PO Council

The PO Council, which represents the school boards in primary education, supports the government’s decision to partially reopen primary schools from 11 May. According to the organization, it is a well-considered decision, even if there is no 100 percent guarantee that there are no risks for employees in education. But that is considered manageable. There is also room for schools to give their own interpretation to the implementation.

Rinda den Besten, chairman of the PO Council, indicates that the decision requires a lot from primary education. “But I assume we can do it. The government must of course monitor and monitor the situation closely. ” Den Besten points out that school boards remain administratively responsible and calls on them to act wisely. “What is possible, that is possible, but what is not feasible, that is not possible. And where we can help you, we like to do that. ”

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