Teachers Association will give forum on how to adapt distance special education

The Puerto Rico Teachers Association (AMPR) announced today, Sunday, that on Tuesday, November 24, at 4:00 in the afternoon, it will hold the virtual forum “How to adapt special education to the reality of distance learning” , through the Zoom platform.

Elba Aponte Santos, president of the AMPR, highlighted the transcendence of this online meeting due to the need for services that the 105 thousand students who belong to the Special Education Program have, of an official enrollment of 284 thousand in public schools.

He also pointed out that just as Special Education Month is commemorated, the resources will discuss various issues related to the modality of distance education that has been a fundamental part of the dramatic increase in cases of Covid-19 in Puerto Rico.

Aponte Santos indicated that during the forum the following topics will be discussed: “How to identify signs of learning problems”, “Challenges of special education and the pandemic”, “How to adapt to this new reality” (by Dr. Gretchen I. Seda Irizarry, interim director of the Master’s Program in School Psychology at Albizu University) and “Teachers with successful strategies: The importance of teamwork”, by professor Noelis Giovanna Reyes Rodríguez and Spanish teacher Noelia Cotto.

The AMPR will have the collaboration of Víctor M. Rivera, CEO & creative director of the renowned group Attention Attention, to reveal his successful techniques to capture the attention of children.

“As we stated at the beginning of the celebration of this Month of Special Education, at AMPR we seek that our educators have the essential tools to continue improving their service. We thank all these professional resources, with extensive knowledge in their respective topics, for accepting our invitation to be part of the forum. We reiterate the commitment of our organization with the enrollment of special education students, as well as with the educators who provide them with the bread of education and help their adjustment to society ”, affirmed Aponte Santos.

To be part of the forum, you must access this link: https://aft.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_LIfM6x-rTYWn2bdAbIEqnQ

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