Teamviewer plans stock market launch on September 25th


Dhe software vendor Teamviewer has now set the price range and the 25th September as the first trading day in view. Investors should be able to buy the shares for 23.50 to 27.50 euros per share, as Teamviewer announced on Wednesday. The offer period is scheduled to start on 12th September and will end after the current plans on 24th September.

A total of 84 million papers, including raise and greenshoe options, are to be offered from owner Permira. The financial investor wants to make it five years after his entry checkout. The price range corresponds according to announcement of a market capitalization of 4.7 to 5.5 billion euro. The total issue volume is then between 1.41 billion and 2.31 billion euros. Depending on the final placement volume, the free float is between 30 and 42 percent.

Last year, the company's invoiced sales increased by a quarter to 230 million euros. According to previous data, growth of up to 39 per cent is expected for this year, at best 320 million euro. The operating gross margin should be above the threshold of 50 percent – this is a very good value even for the industry, which is used to high margins.

Teamviewer distributes software for networking and remote maintenance of computers and was founded in 2005. Among other things, the company benefits from the fact that it already completed the conversion to the subscription model last year. Currently, Teamviewer, whose retail software is free for the base version, has 360,000 subscribers. The company's software is currently actively deployed on 340 million devices.



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