‘Tear up’ telecommunications contract? You can now do it online

Jthe was launched Contract Termination Platform telecommunications, after being published, in Diário da República, the order that provides for the measure. The portal is managed by the Directorate-General for Consumers and allows customers to terminate a contract with a specific operator.

“Here you can access information regarding your electronic communications contracts, as well as, if you wish, to terminate them“, can be read on the platform.

For now, it should be noted that the platform only “allows you to request contractual information and, if you wish, to terminate the contract”.

“This platform is intended to all (non-business) consumers who have an electronic communications contractwith or without loyalty, and who want to cease the same, through the complaint“, it can be read.

What is contract termination?

“It corresponds to a form of termination of contracts of lasting execution, without deadline, without needing to present a justification🇧🇷 It must be carried out by communication from the party that does not want the contract to continue, addressed to the other party (declaration of termination), with a reasonable amount of time before the date on which the contract is intended to be terminated”, can be read on the portal.

The creation of this platform was foreseen in the Electronic Communications Law, approved in August by the Assembly of the Republic and which transposed the European Code of Electronic Communications (CECE), approved in July by the European Parliament, defining namely the situations in which operators cannot demand the consumer to pay charges for non-compliance with loyalty.

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You can consult more information and clarify other doubts here.

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