Tearless Mourinho: I felt everyone who loves this club

Mr Mourinho is the first coach to make it to the finals of major European tournaments with four different clubs.

The road to the finals was opened by a 1: 0 victory „Leicester City“ in the second match of the semifinals in Rome.

“I am very emotional. It’s like to us Champions League“Said the Portuguese, whose team won the semi-final stage with a total score of 2: 1.

“When you work in Rome, you live in Rome and you breathe Rome, so you breathe this club, because it’s a real city club. From day one, I felt like it was huge (club) … but no big wins and few finals. The story has nothing to do with the social dimension of the club, ”said Mourinho.

“We managed to create a good team that grew step by step so that we could beat the Premier League team. Of course, I had bigger moments than these, but I feel my players and the people around me, ”said Mourinho, explaining his emotions after the duel.

Portugal married Milan “Inter” and Porto Clubs toward Champions League trophies, and won the Europa League in 2017 with Man United.

He joined the Roma club in May 2021, the first time since 1991 that Roma made it to the finals of the UEFA tournament. In 1991, Roma played in the UEFA Cup final.

Author of the winning goal, striker of the England national team Tammy Abrahamas added that the huge support of the fans helped to move forward.

“Before the duel started, the fans had already won the match. We heard them before coming to the stadium and throughout the warm-up.

Victory is for them and my team. We hope we can go all the way, “said the Rome striker.

European Conference League Response Semifinals:

AS Roma 1 – 0 Leicester City (overall 2-1)

11′ [1 – 0] Tammy Abraham

“Marceille” 0 – 0 “Feyenoord” (points 2-3)

The final of the UEFA Conference League for the 2021-2022 season will take place at the Tirana National Stadium in Albania on 25 May. The winners will win the right to play in the European League group stage next season if they have not done so in their national championship.

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