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How many people have you asked to join Among Us? Well, here we tell you more details. Its game mode is quite easy: the main purpose is to discover the impostor within the group of crew members. But not only that, you will also have to perform the missions that are entrusted to you on the three maps.

Although the version for Android and iOS smartphones is free, Among Us for PC it is the opposite. If you want to get the video game, you must download it officially for a sum of approximately 11 soles.

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However, the real problem is not in the costing of the game, but in that Steam, platform where the official version will be downloaded, does not update the InnerSloth.

Know the trick to play Among Us on your computer or PC without paying! (Photo: Mockup)

In order that you can have the version 2020.9.9 of Among Us on PC, web fayerwayer has shared a Mediafire link so you can download it without problems. You will only have to perform these steps:

  • The first one is to enter the next link and download Among Us for PC.
  • Then copy said file to the desktop of your PC and unzip it.

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  • When you do, you will see that inside the folder you will find a series of files, among which is Among Us.
  • After that, click on the Among Us icon and click Run.
  • After that you will see that Among Us runs on your computer without problems.

It should be noted that version 2020.9.9 of Among Us it tends to take a while to recognize the rooms on the maps. We recommend that, while it loads, you can change the language of the game.


Currently Among Us has up to 3 maps, the same ones that are called The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. Although these are expected to be much more in the second season of the video game, you should be attentive to all the tasks that you must complete in the game.


Do you want to know all the tricks of the Among Us maps?  Look now at all the missions.  (Photo: Mag)

Do you want to know all the tricks of the Among Us maps? Look now at all the missions. (Photo: Mag)

It is the first map and it is the one that most choose since Among Us It launches it automatically, without choosing another. This has a series of missions compiled by various youtubers:

  • Reactor: There you must start the reactor and unlock a variety of collectors.
  • Upper and Lower Engine: In this room you have to align the motor output and divert the energy to them.
  • Security: In this room you can see if the imposter is doing his thing through the surveillance cameras.
  • Electricity: In this room you must divert the energy from the upper engine.
  • Cafeteria: Here you can not only empty the trash can, but also upload data to keep others attentive.
  • Warehouse: In this section recharge the engines.
  • Administration: Go to the head table and swipe the card.
  • Communications: Here you can also load data.
  • O2: You can not only divert energy, but also clean the O2 filter.
  • Armory: One of the most used rooms since you can operate the reactor to explode meteorites.
  • Shields: Fire up the shields and deflect their full potential.
  • Navigation: Here you can see all the missions on the map and who is currently in each room.


Know all the tricks of the Polus map.  (Photo: Among Us)

Know all the tricks of the Polus map. (Photo: Among Us)

This map is considered the smallest of all, but it comes loaded with a series of missions that we will explain below:

  • Launching: Here you can divert energy and make a diagnosis of them.
  • Reactor: In this room you can turn on the reactor and unlock a series of collectors.
  • Laboratory: Do not forget that here you can divert power to the laboratory, assemble an artifact and order a number of samples.
  • Corridor: If you see that something is wrong, then start fixing the wiring.
  • Communications: Divert as much energy as you can.
  • Medical wing: Send the full room scan to the Medical Wing.
  • Office: This room is full of information, you can process it.
  • Greenhouse: Divert the energy to the greenhouse and clean the O2 filter.
  • Administration: Turn on shields, navigation map, divert power to management and enter the ID code.
  • Warehouse: You can only water the plants.
  • Cafeteria: You can buy drinks and even empty the garbage can.
  • Balcony: You can measure the weather in addition to shooting asteroids.


See all the activities you can do on the Mira HQ map.  (Photo: Among Us)

See all the activities you can do on the Mira HQ map. (Photo: Among Us)

Finally the third of the three maps but not the least important. What can you find in Polus?

  • Outside: Here you must repair the climate GI / IRO / PD / TB / CA / MLG.
  • Medical wing: Inspect all samples.
  • Warehouse: In this room recharge all engines.
  • Armory: You can destroy asteroids and upload data.
  • Communications: Here you can restart the WiFi.
  • Electricity: Fix all wiring and upload data.
  • Laboratory: Repair the drill, align the telescope
  • Boarding ship: Insert the keys.
  • O2: Don’t forget to upload your data and throw away the trash.
  • Office: Use the card and the boarding pass.
  • Boiler room: Replace the water jug.
  • Specimen Room: Unlock collectors and store artifacts.

Among Us: the cheat to always play as an imposter

Are you already enjoying Among Us with your friends? This is the new hot game on PC and mobile. If you already have it on your smartphone or on your laptop or computer, now we will show you a trick so you can always use it. Do you want to know how to always play the role of impostor? Here we tell you how to do it with this simple trick.

The objective of Among Us is that you can discover who the impostor really is within the game. To do this, in case you are chosen as a crew member, you must keep your eyes open to really know who the intruder is inside the ship.

Tricks to eliminate a crew member

We will tell you how to start eliminating all your teammates without anyone noticing that you have done it or finding the corpse quickly.

  • Disconnect the power: Disconnecting the power will cause the light to turn off within the game maps. This will force that the crew members cannot see not only the security cameras, but also have poor visibility around them. Take advantage of that moment to delete.
  • Rooms with cameras: Be careful when using the rooms to annihilate someone from the ship as many of them have hidden cameras that are perceptible to many.
  • Use the small rooms: In general, small rooms or rooms have a better chance to hide the crime, so it is not so easy to enter them and start eliminating the crew.
  • Avoid spacious rooms: As the screen only allows you to view a certain part of the map, it is better not to use the rooms that are too large since if another crew member sees you, they can accuse you much faster. Be careful.


Thus he achieved fame Among Us and defeated Fall Guys

Amongs Us breaks it on PC and mobile



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