Technology Fund Vision Fund: Delayed WeWork IPO burdened Softbank lender


The botched IPO of the office space leasing company WeWork is a major setback. The investors' criticism of Softback's vision fund initiator is growing. Softback (t) Wealth (t) Yield (t) Banks (t) Wirecard (t) Investments (t) Participation (t) Walmart (t) Capital (t) Initial Public Offering (t) Investment (t) Going public (t) Mutual Funds (t) Formation of Companies (t) Mergers & Acquisitions M & A (t) Financing (t) We-Work (t) Uber (t) Wal-Mart (t) JP Morgan (t) Flipkart (t) Goldman Sachs (t) New Horizon Capital (t) Nvidia (t) Slack (t) Microsoft (t) Hon Hai (t) Kupang (t) Apple (t) Oyo (t) INSEAD (t) Masayoshi (Masa) Son (t ) Adam Neumann (t) venture capital companies


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