Technology giants are making huge gains..and these are their profits per second!

net profit amounted toA group of American tech giants, known as GAFAM, generated nearly $300 billion in the 12 months ending September 30, 2021, after generating revenue of $1.35 trillion.

This comes after companies that include Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have benefited greatly from the boom in the digital economy since the beginning of the pandemic, as American technology giants demonstrated great financial strength during the pandemic.

And compared to the previous 12-month period, their profits exploded, as Microsoft’s profits increased by more than 43%, while Amazon’s profits grew by more than 51%, and Meta (formerly Facebook) recorded a growth of 59%, while Apple achieved a 65% increase in profits, And Alphabet (the parent company of Google), was the most growing with 98% in profits.

While the huge sums that these companies make are disconnected from our reality, the German data company “Statista” has reformulated the profits of the tech giants for a shorter time period, so that the profits are compared per second.

Based on Apple’s net profit for the period from October 2020 to September 2021, the iPhone maker made a staggering $3,000 per second during this period, allowing it to retain its throne as the world’s most profitable company this year, followed by Alphabet and Microsoft, as They earn $2,239 and $2,153 every second, respectively, and Meta comes in fourth with $1,278 per second, compared to Amazon’s $833 per second.

Compared to the famous vaccine companies, which have benefited from a vaccine-patent boom that has dramatically doubled their profits this year, the combined profits of Pfizer, Biontech and Moderna will be $1,000 per second for 2021 before tax.

tech giants profits

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