TECHNOLOGY – Google introduces timesheets to help find old searches


Google has introduced new timesheets in its search engine, a feature that allows its users to retrieve old searches related to the topic of a recent query.

The new Google feature is available from this Wednesday, although for the time being only limited in the US application of the search engine and in English, as announced by the company through a statement.

The activity sheets are offered to users registered to their Google account, which in the search bar show an option to view a series of past searches related to the topic they searched for.

This Google feature aims to retrieve previous research to find related ideas and focuses on hobbies among which the company highlighted kitchen, interior design, fashion and beauty, fitness and photography, among others.

The timesheets offer the ability to save the links in the collection to read them later, in addition to checking the type of links displayed, with the ability to delete a link by holding it down.

Likewise, Google also allows you to disable this new feature with the option of the adjustments included next to its function, as well as to hide the related results to show only the new ones.



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