Technology – What does iMessage Contact Key Verification mean? And when will it reach users?

Box News – Technology – Today we are talking about what does the iMessage Contact Key Verification tool mean? And when will it reach users? Which raises a lot of interest and controversy through social media, and we will also discuss in detail what does the iMessage Contact Key Verification tool mean? And when does it reach users? This article is part of a series of articles he publishes Box News in general.

At the end of last year, Apple announced iMessage Contact Key Verification, a tool the company said would allow those facing “unusual digital threats” to protect their conversations from malicious actors.

At the time, the company promised that the security feature would arrive sometime in 2023, and now, just over two weeks before the start of WWDC 2023, it looks like this tool might arrive with iOS 16.6.

ما هي iMessage Contact Key Verification

It is a security feature that allows Apple’s chat application for users to verify that they are only messaging with the people they intend to talk to, as users who have enabled iMessage Contact Key Verification will receive automatic alerts if “exceptionally professional hackers” succeed in hacking cloud servers and eavesdropping on iMessage conversations encrypted.

Although these things will never happen, Apple says that they are intended for “users who face unusual digital threats – such as journalists, human rights activists, and members of the government.” If you belong to those groups, this may be an important feature for you.

Apple didn’t go into too many details about how Call Key Verification will work when it launches in 2023, however, the company said that users who enable it will be able to compare a contact verification code in person, via FaceTime (which is also end-to-end encrypted). to a party), and through another secure call.

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