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Technology: WhatsApp | What happens if I press “Mark as unread” | What does it mean

It currently has about 44 million downloads in just the month of July, making it the most popular app in its field. Thanks to it, it is possible to send messages of all kinds, including a variety of multimedia documents such as videos, photos, RAR or ZIP files, etc.

Throughout the day we always receive a series of notifications from our friends who want to know how we are doing, what we are doing and even share something about their daily life with us.

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However, every time we open the message, we must necessarily answer it in order not to leave said person in the popular ‘seen’ or just ignore it in . However, many users don’t and forget to replicate.

That is why there is the function of “Mark as unread” in , an option that will make it much easier if you have not yet responded to a text or notification. Do you know if this also clears the double blue check? Here we tell you.

Do you really know what the “Mark as unread” button in WhatsApp is for? Here we explain it completely. (Photo: WhatsApp)


This function called “Mark as unread” has been around for several years in and very few had realized that it existed.

Its purpose is that if you have a message and have read it by chance, but do not want to respond at the moment, you can return said notification to its original state, so that the numbered one on the side of the text is seen warning you that you have an alert .

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However, this does not determine that the other person who sent you the message of find out that you have not read his text. That is, the double blue check will not disappear.

Therefore, your interlocutor will observe that you have checked his alert, but on your cell phone it will look as if you had not seen it and that you will respond later, when you are badly calm.

This is how WhatsApp wants to prevent people from being ignored in the application. Remember that it is always better to tell the other person that you are busy and that they will talk later, then mark the conversation as “Unread.”


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