TecToc: Apple Car could be built in Georgia, USA.

The possible Apple Car It could be built in a Kia factory in Georgia, USA.

The report assures that this decision originates from conversations between Apple and Hyundai, mother company of That.

Hyundai would not only be negotiating with Apple the manufacture of its car, but also the development of batteries.

Apple has not officially referred to this issue.

The newly released Samsung Galaxy S21 brings good news for naughty users and repair shops: it appears to be less painful to disassemble than other models.

The iFixit site took apart the S21 and found it to be easier to repair and with easier to recycle parts.

The company Virgin Orbit managed to put a rocket into orbit that sent a satellite into space. The rocket was launched from a Boeing 747 aircraft and becomes the first successful mission of Richard Branson’s company.

In the United States they filed a lawsuit against the application Telegram by the type of content that is distributed in their groups and chats. According to Marc Ginsburg of Safer Web, Apple should remove the messaging app from its App Store for content that incites violence and racial hatred, among other issues.

A Bloomberg post indicates that the next iPhone it could have a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Apple eliminated the fingerprint sensor from the iPhone 10 and only left facial recognition, but this function is more complicated to activate because of the masks on the faces of users.

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