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When last September Ted Turner, the man who was all in the world of communication, revealed to suffer from dementia with Lewy bodies, a particular variant of the disease that has some features in common with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, not sounded goodbye or meant he had thrown in the towel. In fact, he made it clear that he continues to work to make the world a better place and continues his philanthropic activities. Even so, it has to do with his illness on a daily basis: "The symptoms I have are that I am very tired, exhausted and forgetful of things," he said about this disorder, which also suffered the actor Robin Williams , as He revealed his autopsy after his suicide in August 2014. One possibility that the founder of CNN does not contemplate: "I have five children and fifteen grandchildren, I would not put them in this situation, which was very difficult for me when he was my father, "he said in an interview broadcast by CBS.

The tragic death of his father was something he had in common with the third of his women, Jane Fonda, whose mother had also taken her life. Their relationship coincided with one of Ted's moments of utmost glory, when he was named a man of the year by the magazine time in 1991, at the height of the CNN chain, which had reached a historic milestone by broadcasting the Gulf War live in January of the same year. Their marriage ended in 2001, after a decade in which the protagonist of the series Grace and Frankie, who Netflix has just released the fifth season, has left his career as an actress and in which he endured numerous infidelities. He left a record in his memoir My life until now, who published four years later, still hurt by the way the break occurred, since he was the one who left him: "The last year we were together was looking for a replacement," he said. 39; actress.

Ted Turner admitted to having spent months crying and trying to recover it, but eventually a friendship prevailed, as was shown in the documentary Jane Fonda in five acts, available on HBO, where both gathered last year to remember some of the happiest moments of their life together. Now that the wounds have healed, the winner of two Oscars claims that the cause of his separation was the pursuit of freedom: "That was the reason why my marriage is over." I will not marry again. and be loved, and if someone can not do it, I'm sorry, I will not wait, "said the actress, who did not miss last November at the party for her 80th birthday of her ex-husband at the hotel St Regis. in Buckhead (Atlanta). One night he described as "one of the sweetest of my life" and that was not lacking to Al Gore, former vice president of the United States, with whom he shares one of his main causes: the fight for environmental protection.

Jane Fonda and Ted Turner, at the 1993 Oscars.
Jane Fonda and Ted Turner, at the 1993 Oscars. Cordon Press

The militant environmentalist Ted Turner also has a goal that does not want to leave dissatisfied: "Eliminate nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction." I do not want to see how we destroy ourselves. "I like people and my favorite place is the Earth. "Aware of the importance of education, over the years" 90 has produced a series of animations for television entitled Capitan Planet and The Planeteers, broadcast in more than 100 countries, so that children and adolescents were aware of the importance of taking care of the planet. This spirit has also impregnated the Captain Planet Foundation, which is now presided over by his daughter Laura, who inherited his father's values ​​and works with numerous educational centers in the United States for this educational purpose.

Fortunately for Ted Turner, the suffering neurodegenerative disease has been diagnosed at a primary stage and progresses slowly, which does not diminish the suffering of the multimillionaire: "It's difficult to have it, but I try to do my best to continue," he said recently. Atlanta Business Chronicle , a man who was popularly known as the largemouth for his verbiage and now he struggles to find the words to express what he wants: "This is madness, you do not remember things". Despite everything, he has not lost one of the qualities that help him cope with this progressive deterioration: "The sense of humor helps you live". And that's why he went through an already legendary joke about what he would like them to put on his epitaph: "I have nothing more to say".



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