Teddy Katsarova surprised everyone with a photo in the arms of a man


Singer Teddy Katsarova is very active in social networks and likes to keep her fans up to date with what is happening in her life.

The daughter of the popular and beloved singer Silvia Katsarova surprised everyone with the last photo she shared, in which she is in the arms of a man. Moreover, she added the words: “I love you” and washed the net.

This is not about a new boyfriend – it is a well-known fact that Teddy keeps the men in his life, but about her father Milko Katsarov, who was born. Teddy congratulates him on his holiday in a great way and certainly all fathers


the world may envy him, Shaw Blitz writes.

“To be alive and healthy, Dad! Let’s still be on stage for many years! I love you! Congratulations,” Teddy wrote and shared two shots with his dad. One is recent, and in the other photo, Teddy is still a baby in the arms of his parent.

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