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Teenager, 17, stabbed in the London bus station, was hurt by "life changing". A 17-year-old youth was found by police and paramedics with knife wounds. It is believed that the teenager was stabbed at the Edmonton bus station. In the evening

Zoie O & # 39; brien for Mailonline

8:43 pm EST, 11 January 2019

02:30 am EST, 12 January 2019

An adolescent has suffered "life-changing" wounds after being stabbed in London. The 17-year-old boy was found by police and paramedics with knife wounds at Edmonton bus station in London's Enfield district on Friday night. of the station that is closed with police cars that descend on the scene. A Met police spokesman said: "The police were called to the Edmonton bus station at 6.56pm on Friday 11th January following news of a fight." The agents and the London ambulance service participated and found a 17-year-old with gunshot wounds. his wounds are now not considered life-threatening, but they could change his life. "The stabbing came just days after 14-year-old Jayden Moodie was stabbed to death in Leyton, in the east of London.

A 17-year-old boy was stabbed at the Edmonton bus station on Friday evening. The teenager was knocked down by a scooter and stabbed in the back by older men. In 2018, about a fifth of the murder victims in London were teenagers, many of whom were stabbed. The youngest were 15 years old. There were 134 homicides in the capital, last year, and as early as 2019 there were numerous fatal stabbing – the first was only a few hours before New Year's Eve. There have been no arrests and a crime scene remains in place.

The police closed the road in London after the paramedics were called to save the teenager

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