Teheiura calls for calm after insults received by some candidates

Teheiura asks internet users to respect the rules of the game – © Philippe LEROUX / ALP / TF1

This season of Koh Lanta is out of the ordinary. The game itself offers countless twists to program fans,
who look forward to Friday evening during this time of
confinement. But apart from the adventure, several candidates from Hero island report the cyber harassment they are victims of.

Régis, for example, testified in the columns of 20 minutes of the violence of the comments received on his Instagram account. “Where we go, it is in the threats of death, rape, the slaughter of children, and the collateral damage it causes to my family,” he said.

To cope with this exceptional situation, the production company ALP decided to file a complaint in agreement with the candidates “so that all this stops immediately and has consequences for their authors. On their respective social networks, the different adventurers try to appease the spirits, sometimes without success.

“I do not tolerate insults, let alone threats”

Teheiura, emblematic participant of the show, wanted to call Internet users to calm in a message to the media, including 20 minutes. “First of all, thank you to everyone who supports me and who follows me on all my adventures. Unfortunately, the adventure stops for me. Koh Lanta is an exceptional adventure, but it is also a game with eliminations and I accepted the rules, “said the Polynesian.

He continues: “So I ask you not to take it out on my adventure teammates because I do not tolerate insults, let alone threats. I had a great adventure again, and I always keep the positive side of all my adventures. This is what I want you to keep and convey around you. Hopefully the message will be heard.

20 seconds of context

This message was forwarded to 20 minutes by Teheiura himself at the end of the interview organized as part of his elimination.



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