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Teheiura goes back on this betrayed agreement at the origin of its elimination in the live of Denis Brogniart

This is called a nice mess. The episode of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes aired this Friday May 1 saw the surprise elimination of Charlotte and Teheiura. However, the two adventurers were almost guaranteed to continue the adventure because they each had an immunity collar. During the episode, Charlotte discovered one in the jungle which, in this week of related destinies, could have protected her and her partner. But the candidate chose not to play it on the board. Teheiura could then have taken over and played the one found a few days earlier. Except that he didn’t do anything with it.

Despite two immunity collars, Charlotte and Teheiura were therefore eliminated. This exit, which could have been avoided, obviously shocked deeply. She even dismayed a former winner of Koh Lanta, because this is not the first time that the Tahitian has been taken out by surprise. But what could have happened in Teheiura’s head? How, after four participations, could the adventurer be eliminated with immunity collars in his pocket? Invited to Denis Brogniart’s live Instagram this Saturday, May 2, the Tahitian returned to his state of mind at that time and explained what caused his fall.

A betrayed agreement

Everything finally started from a broken agreement. Questioned by Denis Brogniart on the incredible circumstances of his elimination, Teheiura explained that before leaving in search of the immunity necklace, Charlotte and made him a pact. Since they were then linked, if one of them put their hand on the collar, he would take it out whatever happened to the next council to protect their buddy. The discovery of Charlotte therefore delighted her teammate: “When she finds it, she tells me about it. I was super happy and I said to myself, ‘It’s okay, we’re quiet’. Since we agreed to play this necklace if one of us found “.

Except that very quickly, Teheiura realizes that Charlotte is no longer very sure of wanting to respect their agreement: “She tells me that she hesitates. So, several times, I try to reason with her, so as not to take any risks … I spend the whole afternoon and even the next day trying to reason with Charlotte”. Teheiura knows it, there is only one way to be 100% sure to come back from the board and that is to play this immunity collar. But Charlotte will not listen to him. Because after having discussed with her comrades, the young woman is convinced that she is not in danger.

I could not do anything”

If he wasn’t sure if Charlotte was playing her immunity collar to protect them, why didn’t Teheiura take out her own? That, the adventurer still can’t explain it. “I have no rational explanation. I was really frozen, there was nothing I could do … I was no longer there” he confides, still incredulous, to Denis Brogniart. Obsessed with his comrade’s necklace, he forgot his own: “I was focused on Charlotte, on her hesitation, on making her realize that we have to take out this necklace that I never even thought of taking out mine. At no time. It’s crazy.” Until the last moment, Teheiura hoped that Charlotte would take out her necklace. And when he finally realized that she wouldn’t, he was unable to take control of his destiny: “At that time, I was afraid. I was petrified”

But the adventurer realizes that he may also have trusted the wrong people. Charlotte indeed made the mistake of believing Régis, who told him that he would vote against Eric and therefore that she had nothing to fear. The young woman was so sure of herself that she even ended up convincing Teheiura: “I really wanted to believe it. Even unconsciously, I believed it. I trusted Charlotte”. If Teheiura did not take out his collar, it may also be because he felt safe. An excess of confidence that will ultimately cost him his place in Koh Lanta. Today, the candidate is angry because it is the third time that he has been eliminated by surprise: “It’s a big mistake. In four seasons, not having the lucidity to react”.


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