Telecom details Egypt's decision to cancel the period allowed Fawati to be paid


04:19 PM

Sunday 19 May 2019

Books – Mohammed Alaa Eddin:

Telecom Egypt has introduced an amendment to the bill payment policy via the Internet, canceling the grace period and the system has also canceled the "router" free of charge to new subscribers of the fixed network.

In this report, we explain the first 10 information on the grace period for the payment of fixed and fixed invoices:

1. The Company has canceled the deadline for the payment of land Internet service bills which were limited by one week.

2. If the customer does not pay the overland Internet service bill in time, the service will be stopped immediately.

3 – Add a fine to the Internet bill in the event of non-payment within 48 hours of the due date.

4 – cancel the delivery of the router for new customers for free.

5. Delivery of the CPE VDSL -MID END router to new customers for EGP 200, 50% discount on the original price provided that the customer continues to be in service for at least one year and the price is not inclusive of taxes.

6. If the customer cancels the subscription one year before receiving the router, pay an additional LE 200 for the 50% reduction of the router price.

7. If the customer is outside the country or in a place where he cannot use the fixed-line Internet service, at the time of payment of the invoice, he can request that the service be suspended for a specific period of time at a additional cost.

8. The CPE END VDSL-MIDI router allows customers to take full advantage of speeds above 25 Mbps.

9. The grace period for the payment of fixed network bills is one and a half months every three months.

10- If the customer does not pay the bill of the landline during the period of one and a half months, the telephone will be transferred to the reception service for a month. If the customer does not pay the bill during this period, the service will be interrupted.


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