Telecom has greatly increased speeds and changed fixed internet programs (+ offer overview)

Telekom today announced in a press release about the new Magio Internet offer, which brings new programs, higher speeds on the optics, a new guaranteed speed on the metallic connection and also a higher transmission speed. He has prepared up to 4 different connection packages for optics.

From August 26, Telekom will include the OptikNET portfolio in its offer, which will include four START, IDEAL, EXTRA and MAX programs to choose from. The operator approaches the names of his mobile flat rates by names. Clients in the Magenta 1 group will get a more advantageous connection, through which they will be able to set up a connection for the same price, but at a higher speed.

Better and faster internet from Telekom

The basic START program starts with a monthly fee of € 11.90 and basically offers a connection speed of 50 Mbps when downloading and 10 Mbps when uploading, while in Magenta 1 the customer gets up to twice the connection speed. The highest connection from the OptikNET portfolio is after the new MAX program, which for € 25.90 per month brings a download speed of up to 1 Gbps and an upload speed of 200 Mbps. In this case, the customer in Magenta 1 will only receive an increased upload speed, which will increase to 300 Mbps.


The improvements of the offer did not miss the metallic, on which Telekom now brings programs from the KlasikNET portfolio and there will be 5 different offers to choose from at VDSL, starting with the START program for € 10.90 per month with a speed of 5-15 Mbps download / 1-3 Mpbs upload, up to MAX program for € 20.90 per month with speeds of 70-90 Mbps download and 3-10 Mbps upload.

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However, the first mentioned speeds are guaranteed for the first time in this case, which means that the customer will always have the minimum advertised speed available when using Telekom’s VDSL internet in these programs. In the case of the latter speed, this is the maximum possible speed that customers on metallic can achieve.

Telekom also informed that in the near future it will also increase Internet speeds for clients using ADSL connections wherever possible.

The condition for increasing the speed is the correct terminal equipment and the availability of higher speed in the network. At this time, Telekom is actively contacting customers to replace the equipment so that their speed can be increased, “The operator said in a press release.

Telekom does not change the offer of programs for ADSL internet and the portfolio remains the same, including the announced connection speeds from 4 to 20 Mbps.

Higher upload for an additional fee and more advantageous internet protection

At the same time, however, it brings an additional service to increase the upload speed for KlasikNET and OptikNET for € 3 per month with a binding or € 3.98 without a binding. The specific speeds are listed in the table.

When increasing the upload speed in the OptikNET portfolio, the client will always have almost 50% higher upload speed available for all programs except the MAX program in the M1 version. In the case of the KlasikNET offer, the dispersion is increased with an additional program to increase the speed so that the difference is higher by 3 Mbps.

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In addition to the Internet offer, Telekom also brings a discounted Magio Internet Security package for € 2.51 / month. with the first 3 months free with 1 license and for 4.99 € / month. with 3 months free with family license for 5 devices.

Telekom also thought of B2B clients

In addition to the Internet for regular customers, the company has also adjusted the portfolio for business clients, which will also be valid from 26 August. You can find the entire improved offer for B2B clients in the attached tables below.



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