Telefónica presents a plan to close more than 100 offices in Spain and relocate 266 employees

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Telefónica has presented to the unions a plan for the closure of 108 small workplaces (none with more than 15 workers) and the relocation of 266 employees to concentrate the workforce in fewer locations.

The plan, which has run into the rejection of worker representation, would not entail layoffs and would mainly affect the Operations, Network and Information Technology division (ORTI, in company jargon). Employees would be relocated to the closest work centers located in provincial capitals or main cities, depending on UGT.

From the union they transfer THE WORLD that it expects the number of closures proposed by the company to be “significantly reduced”, and that it would entail transfers of up to 100 kilometers. Among the union’s proposals is the possibility of relocations being voluntary.

With the measure, Telefónica seeks to reduce costs What it means to keep these offices open, with their corresponding costs, at a time when it has already completed the vast majority of the deployment of its fiber network, one of the main tasks of this unit.

“A dialogue has been initiated with worker representatives to advance the concentration of the company’s employees, in accordance with an evolving scenario marked by transformations such as the transition from copper to fiber networks, robotization and automation. “, they point out from the company, which indicates that it will launch a retraining plan for affected employees who need it.

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