Telekom admits rule violations at Brazil subsidiary

Telekom headquarters in Bonn

The Dax Group has granted rule violations in Brazil.

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Dusseldorf At the big customer subsidiary of German Telekom, T-Systems, there have been irregularities in Brazil. “As part of a compliance investigation carried out at T-Systems Brazil, violations of internal guidelines were identified,” said a Telekom spokesman for Handelsblatt.

It concerns cases from the year 2016. To the concrete offenses made the Telekom no information. “It was not about corruption issues,” said the spokesman. In November 2018, the T-Systems boss in Brazil, Ideval Munhoz, had left the company, without the Telekom had given concrete information on the background.

The internal investigation had made a telecom employee public on the sidelines of a lawsuit. During a public hearing before the regional labor court in Cologne, he accused Telekom of sanctioning him for detecting the irregularities. He had been transferred from Brazil back to Germany and have since got no job corresponding to his qualification, he said on Wednesday during the trial in Cologne (Az 11 Sa 55/19).

The Telekom contradicted the presentation. Even before the indications of rule violations by the employee, there had been an internal investigation of the events in Brazil, said the company spokesman. “His reports were not decisive for the start of the proceedings.”

In addition, there had been no measure of the employee. “Our internal regulations provide for a maximum time for foreign assignments in one country,” said the spokesman. This was achieved in the case of the employee in Brazil.

Also, that the employee did not get a leadership position that he had been promised, had nothing to do with his references to irregularities. “The most suitable candidate from a business perspective is considered. That was in the case described another employee, “said the spokesman.

Telekom still has its own board department responsible for compliance issues. The group founded it in October 2008 in response to a spy affair. Employees of the company had spied journalists, supervisory boards and their own employees. The scandal had badly damaged the image of the Bonn-based company.

The department will be dissolved at the beginning of the coming year with the departure of the responsible member of the Executive Board, Thomas Kremer, and integrated into the area of ​​HR Manager Birgit Bohle. The company spokesman said, “The reorganization of the board has no impact on dealing with compliance cases.”

More: Conversion into board: Eleven years ago, after a spillover scandal, Telekom introduced the post of Legal and Compliance. Now the office is to be abolished again.

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