Television, books, love … All the ‘temptations’ of Sandra Barneda, at her sweetest moment

At 45 years old, Sandra Barneda is in the peak of his life both at the level personal as professional. There’s no doubt. Your hard work of years as close and credible communicator has been fully rewarded with a prestige status and recognition it deserves for own merits. Luck smiles at the Catalan presenter in everything, although luck must be sought and in her case it is clearly the result of effort and the sacrifice. On a sentimental level, the journalist seems to have found the stability with Nagore Robles after more than three years of relationship, a break in between and a happy reconciliation. “Falling in love with her is the strongest thing that ever happened to me“, Sandra confessed in tears in Jesús Calleja’s program. Time after. the presenter publicly addressed her partner with these words: “I reserve my right to kiss whoever I want. Reserved for you. Growing together“, he wrote under a photo of both very caramelized.

Sandra Barneda warns that ‘The island of temptations 3’ is the most emotional of all


Regarding the labor field, the presenter also goes through a downright sweet moment. He is in command of one of the great television phenomena of the last times, The island of temptations. In addition, unlike previous editions of the reality show where two presenters were committed, now it is Sandra Barneda who It takes over her alone from driving all emissions on schedule prime audience. The journalist conducts both the deliveries recorded in the Dominican Republic -which shows what happened in the coexistence, the single dates with the singles and the dreaded bonfires-, as of the debates that are carried out live in the Mediaset studies – in which a group of collaborators analyze the highlights of each week. Because Sandra Barneda dominate the camera as the best, control the times and the beat to perfection and open your hand or put order on set in the most intuitive and accurate way. All this has earned her, in addition, to be chosen this season as the face of the Chimes with Christian Galvez, a high responsibility task that the presenter performed for the first time. Gone are those months of ups and downs and work stoppage on TV that the presenter took with all the humility and professionalism of the world.


But success by Sandra Barneda va beyond of the small screen and has to do with another of his great passions: writing. The versatile journalist has been brand new finalist in the latest installment of the famous Planet Award with his soap opera An ocean to reach you, showing that he has an enviable resume and has spent years struggling to gain a foothold in the difficult world of literature. In fact, he has already published four more titles: The daughters of the water, They will talk about us, The land of women and Laugh in the wind. For Sandra, it has been “all a dream” what has been achieved in these important awards that involve a check worth 150,250 euros. About her latest book, the communicator explains that “writers use part of our emotional maze and that’s ours color palette”, because here “I’m talking about invisible family ties that touch us from birth until we die. “

What is Sandra Barneda like behind the scenes?


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