Temperatures, the first cold arrives, even down by 12 ° C, involving at least half of Italy; details »ILMETEO.it

Weather: Temperatures, the first cold arrives, even down by 12 ° C, involving at least half of Italy; the details

Sharply decreasing temperaturesBe prepared for the arrival of the first cold of the season: le temperature they will drop even further 12°C on at least half of Italy!

While the thermometers on our country continue to doze off, Northern Europe is preparing to go down a cold air front which will cause, in the immediate future, a rude awakening of the mercury columns after this long hibernation.
Broadening our view to the European chessboard, between Sweden and Finland there is a vast and cold cyclonic vortex that is increasingly pushing towards our latitudes. He will be the one to send us a very cold air lock that between the next night and the early hours of Saturday 17th September it will literally swoop down on us the autumn!

Under the lash of cold winds from Bora and Grecaleall seasoned also by a bloody phase bad weatherthe temperature will suffer a abrupt slip first on the regions of North East and later also on the rest of the country. The beginning of the weekend therefore it will already be marked with temperature definitely more fresh especially borne by the regions of Nord he was born in Center, in particular the easternmost district, geographically more exposed to the harsh northeastern winds.

In that of Sundayl’cold air will also reach the Sud definitively freeing it from the great heat of these days.
Also pay attention to temperature minime that will register Sunday in the very first morning, when, thanks also to the mostly clean skies, they will register values really cold for the season, lower than over 12 ° C compared to those of today: in short, it will be a rude awakening!

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Then taking a look forward, even in the course of next week the cold air arriving from the north-eastern quadrants may intermittently influence the climate of our country, maintaining a rather cool climate, especially at night and in the early morning, and all in all pleasant during the day.Temperatures expected for the early hours of Sunday 18th SeptemberTemperatures expected for the early hours of Sunday 18th September

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