Jacqueline Zúñiga died last Wednesday at dawn when her mother did not have 5,000 pesos so that she could enter that health center. Photo: PIXABAY


He Aguascalientes State Health Institute (ISSEA) He reported that decided to temporarily suspend the medical and administrative staff of the Hospital de Calvillo who refused to give medical attention to Jacqueline Zúñiga, 21 years old, who died last Wednesday at dawn when his mother did not have 5,000 pesos so that he could enter that health center.

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The intention is that the investigations be carried out impartially, while the ISSEA requested a report from the hospital staff of that municipality to initiate the investigation.

According to the authorities the Crime Victims Attention Unit, like COESAMED, they are supporting the family in the follow-up of the case and will support the presentation of the formal complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office.

Finally, in a statement it is stated that “acts of vandalism do not contribute to the solution of this conflict and, on the contrary, promote polarization and criminal actions.”

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The above, in reference to the demonstration that will take place this Friday afternoon in which the protesters burned canvases and entered the hospital to demand to speak with the director.

Jacqueline suffered from kidney failure and last Tuesday she asked her mother to take her to the General Hospital of Calvillo where she was being treated since she felt bad, but they denied her medical attention on the grounds that it was IMSS beneficiary and she had to give a deposit of 5,000 pesos so that they could take care of her, resources her mother did not have at that time.



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