Health temporary funding in sight for virological saliva testing

temporary funding in sight for virological saliva testing

The HAS returned Monday “a favorable opinion” to an “allocation of an innovation package for molecular detection tests of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for Covid-19, carried out on saliva samples”.

This type of temporary funding is granted by the Ministry of Health, after a favorable opinion from the HAS.
It was requested by the French Society of Microbiology and the Andrée Rosemon Hospital Center in Cayenne (Guyana) on August 6 and will allow the use of these tests and their financial support during the clinical trial provided for by this device.

This fixed price indeed involves carrying out a study aimed at providing missing data and confirming the value of the innovation. Virological tests on salivary samples, which are easier to use, are mentioned as a possible alternative to virological tests on nasopharyngeal samples.

Reliability to study

The “painless saliva sample is likely to be better accepted by patients, especially if they have to be tested repeatedly,” underlines the HAS. “However, many uncertainties persist as to their reliability”, according to the authority, which “considers that important elements of reliability are still lacking for immediate generalized use as an alternative to nasopharyngeal tests”, which are, themselves, supported by health insurance.

The Academy of Medicine declared itself in early July in favor of the use of these virological saliva tests to monitor the circulation of the virus, recommending that a comparative epidemiological study be carried out as quickly as possible of the two sampling methods (nasopharyngeal versus saliva or sputum ).

It suggested initially limiting the study to two departments of the two regions most affected by the epidemic (Ile-de-France and Grand-Est).


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