‘Temptation Island 7’, in the bonfire of confrontation between Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso the feelings win and the two go out together!

We have reached the final chapter of the seventh edition of Temptation Island. After five weeks, the journey into the feelings of the couples left in the race is now over.

I know Sofia Calesso e Alessandro Medici they had quit the program together only after a few days, the ending for Valeria Liberati e Ciavy Maliokapis it was different. The two separated, as opposed to Antonio Martello e Annamaria Laino that they gave themselves a second chance.

Tonight too Antonella Elia e Pietro Delle Piane they met and after a fiery bonfire, they left the village separate. Unlike, Anna Boschetti e Andrea Battistelli they wanted continue their relationship.

It was then the turn of Manila Nazzaro e Lorenzo Amoruso. The two faced a rather linear path, where the main problem concerned the possible transfer of one or the other. Both, during the 21 days of stay, they confronted each other with their adventure companions, without however making a real bond with any single.

Arrived at the bonfire of comparison, the two have retraced in words the days spent separately. Both of them, before their meeting, had a great fear of getting lost and this is what emerged from their statements.

Speaking was Lorenzo who, as a former footballer, made his debut with “This is the most important ending of my life“. Just arrived Manila, the languid gaze of Amoruso was evident, as was the smile of the showgirl.

Lorenzo he immediately admitted what bothered him: “From some videos you have described me as a person I don’t recognize myself in. Loafer, freeloader and above all who does not take responsibility, that I only come to Rome on weekends. It’s not true“.

We then moved on to the videos of their journey through the village. From these, the will of the Nazzaro to want to take a step forward in the relationship. In particular, Lorenzo he reproached her for taking her job for granted in Florence, absent according to Manila. Deeper, however, the discourse on women’s fears: she would finally like to feel confident that she has a shoulder to rely on in practice. This made both of them drop a few tears.

What annoyed Lorenzo was the complaint of Manila according to which he did not live everyday life. “You have no everyday life with me. I’m going shopping? Shall I go get the kids? Do I take them to train? If you tell me 7 out of 7 no, it’s true, but you can’t say that everyday life is missing. You are scolding me with the puppet (Anna, ed) making me pass like the one that comes on Saturday and Sunday“.

Amoruso he then continued his outburst, also referring to the stormy past of the woman: “Do you have such a high price for your ex that I for any reason how many times have I told you not to leave me out of your problems? Even when you have money problems, you can call me without problems. I swore love for you on my father’s grave“.

At that point, Manila he wanted to clarify his position, with an open heart: “My fear is that you don’t want to take an important step and that I don’t want to make an eternal girlfriend. How do you say I lied? I don’t like being a part time girlfriend because I love this man. We also talked about children“.

Just about children, Amoruso he expressed his desire to have them, even if today he is slowed down: “I would be the happiest man in the world if we had kids. For a year, I have entered your home and I have seen that there are beautiful balances of a real family. A baby, these balances, could break them“.

Another problem then concerned the work of Lorenzo: “You say several times that I have nothing in Florence. I have properties, I have interests, I do sports consultations, I work on radio and on TV. You know that I cannot leave Florence at any moment. Have you ever thought that I come to Rome, I babysit? I have nothing in Rome, I would have nothing to do. I couldn’t do radio and TV there“.

After a bit of bickering, the two, however, declared love to each other, in a completely sincere and honest way: “I have extreme confidence in you, I want to live with you. Some words have been brought out by a certain person (Anna, ed), same words, same thoughts, so you will have been conditioned. […] We met later in life, but you are the woman in my life. I want to make you happy with me“.

For its part, Manila was in tears: “You are the only man, together with my father, whom I trust, but it is not easy. Life has given me armor, but he knows it very well. I know he has a golden patience, even when we have gone away“.

And that’s how with a final kiss the two decided to go home together, to Rome. IS Lorenzo wanted to close like this: “I will marry this woman. I love her, her kids. I know that she is a strong woman and I know that you have suffered a lot. Trust me. I may have done many things wrong, but I don’t want to go wrong with you, we deserve it“.

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