Temù, death of Laura Ziliani. Here’s what happened in the house before and after his disappearance

Temù (Brescia) – He’s happy, Laura Ziliani, on the evening of Friday 7 May, in the house of Temù. The daughters had her find a cake for Mother’s Day the following Sunday. Laura is so happy that photograph the cake with your cell phone and sends the image to Riccardo Lorenzi, Roncadelle’s dental technician, his fresh companion. The party will be completed with a Sunday trip: mom and daughters will go to Ceto as friends. Those of the night will instead be the last hours of life for the former Temù vigilante. The cake prepared by Silvia and Paola also seems to be close to the heart of Mirto Milani, Silvia’s boyfriend, so much so that the exhibition to Nicoletta Chirica, the neighbor to whom Laura Ziliani, a month before the disappearance, told of having slept for thirty-six hours after having sipped an herbal tea prepared by her daughters.

“Mirto – reports the neighbor – also made me enter the hall just inside the front door where there is a refrigerator: he opened it and showed me the cake that Silvia and Paola had prepared to celebrate Mother’s Day. “That of Nicoletta Chirica is an important testimony because it promises in the eyes of investigators some oddities of the Zani sisters than usual behaviors. Like the unusual morning alarm Friday 8 May. “Silvia and Paola usually got up late in the morning while on May 8, 2021, at 7.10 am, the lights were on in both Laura’s room, her private bathroom, and the light on in the large bathroom. I know as above the wall of my room there is a large clock.This thing surprised me a little because the girls, as I repeat, they always wake up very late. Therefore I immediately thought that Laura had arrived, who was the only early riser “.

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This is not the only oddity noticed by the neighbor. When Laura showed up, Mirto Milani left the house at number 11 in via Ballardini. Contrary to the norm, this does not happen in the late afternoon of that May 7th. “When Laura arrived in Temù, Silvia’s boyfriend, Mirto, would leave. Friday 7 May 2021, around 6 pm, I noticed him cleaning the skylight in front of my balcony. I can report that he stayed at home with Silvia, Paola and Laura because, on the Sunday following Laura’s disappearance, or 9 May, I met him on the street and asked him how he was doing. Mirto replied that he had seen Laura for the last time, who was going for a walk, at 7.16 on Saturday morning (May 8, ed.) And Mirto confirmed the time as he and Silvia were awake watching a movie. “It is then that Mirto Milani lets the neighbor in and opens the refrigerator to show her the cake for Mother’s Day.

What were the relations between Ziliani and the young Milani? “I can only say that when Laura arrived in Temù Mirto she left home. One day I explicitly asked Laura if Mirto lived permanently with Silvia and she categorically replied no. At that point I said nothing and dropped it so as not to create any family problems. However, I saw that he lived permanently in the house in via Ballardini with Silvia and Paola“.

What happens after Laura goes missing? “The afternoon following his disappearance I noticed that Mirto’s parents ‘got married’ in the house in via Ballardinthe. I think they even always slept in Laura’s room as I could see the lights and movements inside. Even when Silvia and Paola subsequently decided to return to Brescia to look after their disabled sister Lucia, Mirto’s parents have always remained in Temù, continuing to do continuous cleaning especially in the attic.“.

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