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Ten members of a Hispanic family catch coronavirus and the father dies | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

The tragedy spread to the Ramírez family in Azusa, California, where a father who was the breadwinner for their 10-member family died of the coronavirus.

Guillermo Ramírez, 47, was employed as a trucker and, in addition to being a worker, he was a man in solidarity with people who needed him, even with strangers, according to his family.

10 members lived in the family home: Guillermo, his wife, four of his six children, three grandchildren and his paternal grandmother, confirmed to Univision News Alexia Ramírez, daughter of the family who does not live in her father’s house.

He didn’t deserve to leave so young and it wasn’t his time. We had lots of plans for family photos, trips to Las Vegas and watching their 3 grandchildren grow up. We weren’t ready for him to leave us”Alexia published in Gofundme, a money collection platform where she requested financial support for her family.

To stone and mud

When given the order of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, Guillermo locked his family in his home, but the virus managed to enter and infected everyone.

The Ramírez family had taken the coronavirus contingency seriously and were leaving their home only to look for the essentials to live in, the newspaper said. San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Guillermo and his eldest son Guillermo Jr. were the only ones designated to go shopping and limited their contact with people.


The family does not know how the coronavirus entered their home, but the first to show symptoms of the disease was Luciana, the mother of the family.

In mid-April she started with an upset stomach and fever, so she decided to isolate herself in one of the five rooms in her house.

Later Guillermo Jr. started with a fever and lost his appetite, so he also isolated himself. Then followed Guillermo, the father, who presented discomforts and later the other members of the family began with symptoms, except the children, who did not have any discomfort. They all ended up isolated inside their own house.

While the family was ill, Alexia fed them and left the food at the door along with some shopping. David, the youngest son and who had no symptoms, dedicated himself to caring for his three baby nephews while the others convalesced.

Father’s death

After his hospitalization, on April 27 the doctors told the family that Guillermo’s health was improving, but on April 28 they were told that he had worsened, so they would put him on an artificial respirator.

Luciana called Alexia to go see Guillermo, and when the mother of the family left the hospital, she cried out in distress to her daughter: “He left, your father left.”

Guillermo’s heart could not bear the stress caused by the disease, doctors said San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Guillermo Ramírez died on April 28 and his family stated that he had no previous illnesses that would have put him at special risk.

Unable to hug

Although the doctors said that the family is no longer contagious, the Ramírez family have preferred to maintain physical distance despite the mourning they are experiencing.

“We are all devastated by this loss, we couldn’t say goodbye or even see him before he passed away”Alexia said in her Gofundme post.

The day after the father’s death, Guillermo Jr. was discharged, after spending three consecutive days without symptoms, and on Sunday, after more than a week in the hospital, the family’s grandmother, Linda Hernández. , also left the hospital. Both recover at home.

This Friday, the Ramírez family performs the funeral of the father of the family.

Luciana, Guillermo’s wife, hopes that people who do not take the hygiene and distancing measures for the coronavirus seriously begin to do so upon learning of their history.

Free legal aid for people affected by the coronavirus, includes undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles


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