TEN People Return Angle Kim Jeong-hyeon and Hamheung Deputy Director Seo Ye-ji A priority task for the two studded with ugly hair

Actor Kim Jung-hyun (left) and Seo Ye-ji / Photo = Ten Asia DB

Actor Kim Jung-hyun, who almost became a duck egg from the Nakdong River after driving various controversies from dating rumors to agency transfer issues and gaslighting damage, has made a new nest. Kim Tae-hee signed an exclusive contract with Story J Company. While Kim Jeong-hyun predicts the timing of flapping her wings, Seo Ye-ji, who gaslighted Kim Jeong-hyun, is still lying on her stomach.

Story J Company, the management company, said in an official position on the 24th, “I was paying attention to the talent that Kim Jung-hyun possesses as an actor. After we learned that Kim Jung-hyun was continuing his own path, we talked sincerely for a long time and built trust with each other.” The news of the exclusive contract was announced. In addition, “Kim Jung-hyun is currently concentrating on recovering health. I will do my best to show Kim Jung-hyun a healthy and better image in future activities.

Whether he was afraid of getting attention again, Kim Jung-hyun expressed his feelings through a long post on his Instagram late the next evening. Kim Jung-hyun said, “It seems that I have been wandering around for the past few months, where I do not know where the floor is. I have been busy working on myself, and I have no place to put my mind. It was a time to look all over the place,” he wrote. He continued, “No matter how much I thought about what to repay and how to reach the public, the only thing I could do was act. I’ll get up and walk.”

  Kim Jung-hyun / Photo = Ten Asia DB

Kim Jung-hyun / Photo = Ten Asia DB

Kim Jung-hyun has been on the rise thanks to the recent hit dramas ‘Crash Landing on You’ and ‘Queen Cheolin’. In the car that will attract attention as a popular actress, dating rumors with Seo Ji-hye, and transfer issues arose, and amid many controversies, it was revealed that Seo Ye-ji and Seo Ye-ji were in a relationship in the past. At the time of filming for the drama ‘Time’, there were suspicions that Kim Jung-hyun was manipulated by Seo Ye-ji, whom she was dating, and that she had to leave the drama. According to the conversation between the two people released by the entertainment media Dispatch, during the filming of the drama, Seo Ye-ji said, “Kim Tak-tak (Kim Jung-hyun). Take off all the skinship”, “Be firm in your actions”, “Keep hard on anything. Change it well. Skinship no-no”, etc. He gave instructions to Kim Jung-hyun.

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Kim Jung-hyun ended the conflict by agreeing to terminate the contract with his former agency O&Enter in May, but it was too early to discuss a comeback. After not hearing from him for a while, he reappeared after about four months. Looking at the timing of the resumption of activities by throwing out the ‘exclusive contract’ and ‘apology’. Since there has been a lot of controversy, discomfort remains in the public’s gaze toward Kim Jung-hyun, and the ‘bottom trust’ has deepened due to his actions.

Actress Seo Ye-ji / Photo = Ten Asia DB

Actress Seo Ye-ji / Photo = Ten Asia DB

Seo Ye-ji, who gaslighted Kim Jung-hyun, rarely showed up, but told fans about her current situation in June. At the beginning of this month, it was also known that he received an offer to appear in the drama ‘Eve’s Scandal’ and was considering it. However, unlike Kim Jung-hyun, who is trying to stretch himself in earnest, he seems to be paying more attention to the situation. With the power of the ambiguous word ‘review’, it shows an attitude that is neither a comeback nor a dormant. This can be attributed to the fact that Seo Ye-ji, who said he was gaslighted, suffered more damage than Kim Jung-hyun, who said he was gaslighted.

It is true that the male and female actors involved in ‘gaslighting’ are trying to make a comeback. However, the public’s liking for the two fell apart as soon as they fell. Even after several months have passed, the fatigue experienced by the public due to the ‘gaslighting controversy’ is still there. Although their acting skills are excellent, it will take more time for the two actors, who are studded with ugly hair, to recover their favorability. It seems that a calm wait is needed rather than throwing a meal for the comeback in haste.

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By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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