Ten years ago, the cruise ship Costa Concordia sank. 32 people died

The Italians commemorate the event all day, ending it at 9:45 pm with a symbolic lighting of candles in the place where the ship ran aground. They will also pay tribute to the approximately 4,200 survivors and residents of Giglio who provided the survivors with clothing or accommodation shortly after the accident.

Francesco Schettino was the captain of the Costa Concordia

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“It simply came to my notice then. We islanders, when we remember something, always refer to whether it happened before or after Concordia, “said Matteo Coppa, who was fishing at the time of the shipwreck. The 23-year-old man joined the rescuers that night and helped ashore injured and freezing passengers ashore.

Its captain Francesco Schettino is to blame for the shipwreck. In May 2016, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison, not only for killing 32 passengers. The court reprimanded him for his shipwreck, and he had left the ship before all the passengers and crew had been evacuated.

“Captain Coward”

“Many mistakes happened that night, starting with Schettin. No one even called on the coast for technical assistance. No one warned us that more than four thousand people had failed, “recalled Giglia Deputy Mayor Mario Pellegrini told Ansa.

The Italian media did not take napkins about Schettin at the time and called him “Captain Coward”, who left the ship when rescue operations were in full swing. Schettino defended himself by being thrown into a lifeboat, which took him aground.

Giglio is preparing for an emotional memory of 10 years since the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia

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Among the survivors from Costa Concordia is Georgia Ananias, who lives in Los Angeles and will not attend the memorial events in Italy. “I thought I wouldn’t be affected that day, but I can’t help it. Many of us suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. I feel guilty for surviving, but 32 people failed, “Euraniaws quoted Ananias as saying.

Compensation and courts

The woman and her family refused compensation in the amount of $ 14,500 (less than 310,000 crowns) that the operator of the Costa Cruises offered to each passenger of the ship to cover medical bills and therapy, and the company sued. But after eight years of litigation in both the United States and Italy, she lost the court.

Damaged Costa Concordia

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“It shows that you will not always get the justice you would expect from the country you live in, and people should think about that when they go on a cruise,” Ananias added.

The current mayor of Giglia, Sergio Ortelli, still remembers that night on Friday, January 13, 2012. In addition to tragic events, however, he also tried to recall more pleasant memories. “The night was undoubtedly tragic, but it also had a bright side, and that was the reaction of the people. Spontaneous gestures appreciated by the whole world. When I look back on what we did that night in a few hours, it’s something incredible, “he appreciated the quick help from the people of Giglia.

The then deputy mayor of Giglio, Mario Pellegrini, at the cliff where the Costa Concordia failed

Photo: Yara Nardi, Reuters

The ship itself remained off the Tuscan coast for another two years before being safely towed to Genoa. After two months, the operating fluids were only pumped out of it, and in September, Titan Salvage began picking up the wreckage.

Within a day, the ship was upright and its technical condition began to be inspected. The ship was towed at the end of July 2014 to Genoa, where it was scrapped over the next two years. In November of the same year, a body belonging to the last missing was found in the wreck.

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