Tencent live broadcasts the Olympic opening ceremony, cuts off the Chinese team’s entry, and the netizens collapse | Tencent broadcasts | cut off the signal | Taiwan team

[Epoch Times July 24, 2021]On the evening of July 23,Tokyo Olympics, JapanOfficially unveiled whenTaiwan teamWhen entering the venue, Tencent Video suddenlyCut off the signalRebroadcast a sports talk show, unexpectedly missed itChinese teamWhen entering the market, a large number of mainland netizens collapsed and scolded for this.

A total of 207 countries participated in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. That night, the national teams entered the field one by one, and the Taiwanese team entered the field with the 104th overall pick.Chinese teamIt is the 108th overall pick.

Tencent video broadcasted the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the East Olympics. When the 104th team of Chinese Taipei entered the stadium, Tencent Video suddenly switched the screen and deliberately interrupted the sports talk show for 20 minutes. It never returned to the live broadcast and missed the entry of the 108th team. The Chinese national team.

Many mainland netizens have been waiting for the Chinese team to enter the stadium for a long time. After waiting for more than an hour, they were unable to watch the footage immediately. They were so angry that they demanded an apology from Tencent and threatened to uninstall Tencent Video APP.

On the evening of the 23rd, a large number of netizens bombarded Tencent’s switching of signals on Sina Weibo. “Tencent Video Olympics live broadcast cuts China into the arena” was once a hot topic.

A mainland netizen said, “I’m really angry. I waited a day for this moment. I just yelled and I was very angry.” “It’s really too much. I just waited for China to enter the market yesterday and put everything on hand to China. Cut it off for me, even if you are not careful for any reason, apologize.” “I really don’t know what you are doing. Even if the ad is so long, just cut the Chinese team into the game? If you can’t do this job, don’t take it. “It’s not that I didn’t believe it on purpose.” “The Chinese team is about to come out and cut it for me, Tencent is going to die.” “Yesterday I saw the Chinese team approaching the stadium, and the result was a talk show! I was so angry.” “Below Tencent video All netizens are scolding, but from last night until now, it has been silent.” “It turned out to withdraw hot search.” “Everyone cancel the membership and uninstall Tencent, it’s not worthy!”

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So far, Tencent Video has not responded to this matter.

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