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It has long been suspected that the real number who have lost their lives and been diagnosed with coronary heart disease is far higher than the official number.

«India’s official statistics show that at the end of June 2021 there were 414,000 corona dead. The reality is catastrophically worse. What is clear is that not hundreds of thousands have died, but rather millions».

It emerges in a comprehensive study as the US-based Center for Global Development has completed.

They estimate that between 3 and 4.7 million people have lost their lives in India after being infected between January 2020 and June 2021.

After the delta variant of the virus was detected in India in December 2020, the corona pandemic in India has gone from bad to worse. This variant of the virus is 50 percent more contagious, and has now also spread to land Worldwide.

The researchers behind the report have, among other things, evaluated blood tests that show the prevalence of infection and compared it with death rates globally. In addition, they have looked at birth and death rates records in several states.

The images of the burning crematoria in India have been going around the world for the past year. There have been so many that several have questioned whether the authorities’ official death toll was correct.

Foto: Amit Sharma / AP

The report was written by Arvind Subramanian, a former financial adviser to the Indian government, and two researchers from Harvard University and the Center for Global Development.

Far from the truth

“Rather than hundreds of thousands, the real number is probably several million, which makes this India’s worst tragedy since independence,” the report said.

The report refers to the division of British-ruled India, which led to the independence of India and Pakistan, and which cost the lives of up to 1 million people.

There are many other countries where it is assumed that there is a large gap between registered corona deaths and the real number, but the gap is probably particularly large in India. Among the reasons cited is that the country has 1.4 billion inhabitants, and that many deaths even before the pandemic were not registered.

A person wearing a blue protective suit, gloves and face mask mourns sitting on the ground in Jammu, India.  A man wearing a face mask stands over and comforts

Both relatives and health professionals in India are totally exhausted by the corona pandemic. Now the extent of the pandemic is emerging.

Photo: Channi Anand / AP

Tragic consequences

Jacob John, who researches viruses at Christian Medical College in Vellore in southern India, says the study shows the enormous impact the pandemic has had on an unprepared health care system.

“This analysis repeats what fearless grave journalists who have highlighted the under-registration of deaths have reported,” Jacob John told the Associated Press.

The report estimates that nearly 2 million Indians died during the first wave of infection last year, and that the country failed to take the tragedy inside. This may have led to a collective complacency that led to the tragic consequences of the wave of infections earlier this year.

The ground in New Delhi full of bonfires.  Here the corona dead are to be burned

The crematoria are being prepared in New Delhi. The large number of corona deaths in India means that cremation has long had to take place on fields and parking lots.

Foto: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

Worst in six states

Murad Banji, a mathematician at Middlesex University, has looked closely at Indian corona deaths. He says new data confirms the suspicions of under-registration.

Data suggest that the infection has not only ravaged urban areas, as many have assumed, but has also hit the Indian countryside hard.

“One question we should ask ourselves is whether all these deaths could have been avoided,” Banji told the Associated Press.

India’s prime minister now fears a third wave of infections that could take further lives. He recently met with the leaders of the six states hardest hit by the pandemic.

– 80 percent of the last infected, and 84 percent of those who have died in recent weeks come from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Maharashtra and Kerala. Those states must take action to stop a third wave, said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a press conference.

At the same time, pictures from the international news agencies show that vaccination sites have to close due to a lack of vaccines.

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