Tens of thousands on the run


In California, tens of thousands of people are fleeing the devastating forest fires. The authorities report the first deaths. In the south he burned near Los Angeles. The coastal town of Malibu, known for its beaches, is threatened.

According to the authorities, California has suffered several deaths and injuries in forest fires in California. Five people were found dead in cars burned in the northern California city of Paradise, a spokesman said. Heaven is particularly badly destroyed. A California fire department spokesman said that "the camp fire" destroyed about 1,000 buildings.

Due to further fires, the evacuation of 75,000 homes in the districts of Ventura and Los Angeles was ordered. The number of people fleeing the fires is different. A fire brigade spokesman cited 27,000 refugees, the head of disaster control, Mark Ghilarducci, spoke of 157,000 people who had to leave their homes.

Malibu threatened by fires

Affected were also large parts of the elegant Malibu seaside resort near Los Angeles. Californian interim governor Gavin Newsom declared the fire emergency. With persistent summer temperatures and drought, the danger of fires on the west coast of the United States is high. The strong winds have made the situation difficult. The national meteorological service spoke of extreme conditions and warned against further fires.

It is reported that the fire has grown in an area of ​​over 70 square kilometers within a few hours. The flames, up to 15 meters high, continued to spread due to the wind.

Forest fires even in the south

Forest fires also erupted in the south of the state, in the district of Ventura County, wrote the Los Angeles Times. California Fire Department CalFire tweeted images of fires from various circles.

Numerous large fires raged in the summer, even near the famous Yosemite National Park. Popular with tourists, the Yosemite Valley was closed to visitors for weeks due to heavy smoking.

California is experiencing one of the worst years of forest fires in its history. So far, almost double the area compared to the same period of the previous year fell victim to the flames and almost three times the area compared to the five-year average.

The Tagesschau reported on this topic on 9 November 2018 at 8.00 pm.



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