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Tens of thousands protest against the military government in Sudan | TIME ONLINE


In Sudan's capital, Khartoum, tens of thousands of citizens have demonstrated for a transfer of power to a civilian government. Since the coup, a military council manages the country.

Sudanese demonstrators marching the million
© Ozan Kose / AFP / Getty Images

Tens of thousands of people are in Sudan against the ruling military council
 went to the street. The demonstration ran through the capital Khartoum towards army headquarters. The
oppositional Alliance for Freedom and Change had a so-called march
called on the million to further press the military council.

As reporters report, they threatened
demonstrators gathered at Army headquarters with one
General strike in case the military council continues
refuses to hand over power to a civilian government.

At the
 Wednesday had that military announces an agreement with the protest movement. Representatives of both sides decided the
Creation of a joint committee for the resolution of disputes, in addition, three members of the Military Council stepped down.
A spokesman for the council had said about the “most demands” of the
Protest movement was achieved unity. To the central requirement
however, he did not comment after a civilian government.

The military council rules the sudan transitional since the overthrow of decades of authoritarian ruling head of state Omar al-Bashir
 on the 11th of April. For a transitional period
Two years later, the military council was set up. The protest movement
but sees in this body a continuation of the government of al-Bashir and calls for an immediate handover of the
Power to a civilian government. At the weekend there were talks between
For the time being both sides were broken off without results.



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