News Tension between the province of Mendoza and the national...

Tension between the province of Mendoza and the national government over the purchase of respirators to fight coronavirus

“Since yesterday (by Wednesday), the Nation made the decision to centralize all the inputs of the country. We had bought, for example, 100 respirators. But now, no company is authorized to give us anything without going through the Nation “, Governor Rodolfo Suárez complained in radio statements, which sparked outrage from the people of Mendoza.

Indeed, As soon as the health crisis began, the province processed a purchase of respirators from the Cordovan company Tecme, who works piecemeal to fulfill the orders he has been receiving week by week and are already paid, according to official sources from the government.

More precisely, they said that “Mendoza made that purchase before the meeting by teleconference with the governors and the President, but now that purchase is blocked. under the argument that they are going to centralize the purchases of supplies and are going to distribute them according to the criteria they consider ”. They also reported that Suárez spoke yesterday with Alberto Fernández to make him aware of the claim and that he still had no concrete response, “they agreed to speak again.”

For its part, Tecme confirmed that “we received yesterday (by Wednesday) a note from the Ministry of Health, signed by Ginés González García, which directly intervenes in the delivery of respirators. The Government requires us to make the delivery and ensures that the national State will be in charge of distributing at its discretion. “” We abide by the measureOf course, but we are discussing with our lawyers the scope of this official request, “said Patricio Keegan, marketing manager of the company in dialogue with Infobae. He added that “in the meantime we continue to produce at full capacity. We stopped all deliveries, but we have not yet started with the weekly delivery plan for the Nation ”. The Cordovan company is the main manufacturer of Argentine automatic respirators.

Tecme is the main manufacturer of automatic respirators in Argentina, it has 80% of the local market, and they have already canceled their exports to supply domestic demand. It is a company that also produces in Atlanta, United States, where it has its own plant.

According to market data, the current weekly capacity of the entire sector would be around 120 teams and could be scaled up to double it. “But it is very complex to make a respirator, it depends a lot on imported components,” explained another source familiar with this segment of the local medical industry, a little-known market that, given the pandemic, became vital.

The Ministry of Health this Wednesday regulated the coronavirus sanitary emergency decree (260/2020) through resolution 568/2020, for which he centralized the purchase of medical supplies for the fight against the pandemic, forcing companies to deliver the elements to the National Health Authority (which is Health), and then distribute them according to the national risk map.

“We bet on good faith, We hope that when we need the supplies Mendoza will have them ”, Suárez trusted in the radio dialogue, while announcing that they are already in a position to carry out the COVID-19 diagnoses with the reagents that they already have and that they are going to “carry out the studies on all the suspected cases that we have.”

Mendoza sealed its provincial borders even before the President decreed social, preventive and mandatory distancing, seeing the way in which infections spread in Chile, with whom he has a closer relationship than with Buenos Aires.

By that provision, the Cuyo province forced any person who enters the province to carry out a mandatory quarantine of 14 days, that is, forcing there to be no circulation. Now it is carrying out the mandatory quarantine, as ordered by Alberto Fernández.


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