Tension in Ferrari, Leclerc and Binotto argue in the paddock at Monza: Charles is not there

During the weekend of the F1 Italian GP in the Monza paddock a quarrel was staged between the Ferrari team principal and his driver Charles Leclerc. The quarrel would be the cause of the illness accused by the Monegasque before the Sprint Race. The reason for the fight would have to do with team mate Carlos Sainz.

High voltage in the house Ferrari with the relationship between the pilot Charles Leclerc and the team principal Mattia Binotto increasingly cracked. Witnesses present in the paddock a Monza they even tell of one brutta lite between the two was staged on the Lombard circuit on Friday. And it would have been the anger and tension built up during the fight there cause of the illness accused after FP2 by the Monegasque (nausea and headache that forced him to go to the medical center of the Monza plant for a checkup) who had questioned his presence in the Sprint Race of the Italian GP.

According to those present, it was all born from some poisonous digs aimed at each other with tones that were gradually rising until Nicholas Todt, son of the FIA ​​president Jean and manager of Leclerc, intervened to calm the spirits and restore calm in the Ferrari garage.

According to various sources, the one staged in Monza it wouldn’t be the first fight of the season between the team principal and the Monegasque driver who have been at loggerheads for a few months now. One might think that behind the clutches between Binotto and the Cavallino driver there are the unexciting performances of the Rossa on the track in the last two years (with the last Ferrari victory in Formula 1 which dates back to 22 September 2019). But it seems that the cause of this friction is actually the new teammate. According to the specialized magazine F1Sport in fact the reason for the dispute it would be there Carlos Sainz’s “promotion” as a reference point for technical development at Ferrari because he was considered more reliable than Leclerc, something that Charles obviously would not have accepted willingly.

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