Tension in the Tagus River: the Civil Guard reinforces the ship anchored off Mauritania with 16 agents and the disembarkation of the 170 migrants who mutinied is being negotiated

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The situation of the Civil Guard shiptagus river on the shores of Mauritania it is still delicate. Initially, and after the failure in the first contacts with the authorities of that country to evacuate the 170 immigrants on board in that territory, after being rescued from a canoe, instructions were received to start the march towards the Canary Islands. But now the order has stopped and, for now, the Spanish vessel is anchored in the bay of Nuadibupending new negotiations between Frontex and the Mauritanian authorities.

As already advanced THE WORLDthe members of the Armed Institute had to fire live shots into the air to prevent the riot that the 170 sub-Saharan Africans on board were trying to stage and who were protesting the conditions in which they were going to travel.

The agents used long weapons with shots in the air to discourage immigrants from carrying out any hostile action.

During the afternoon yesterday, as this newspaper has been able to learn, an “agreement” was reached for the migrants to desist from the hunger strike in which they had declared themselves in the morning, and which had caused incidents between them.

Now, the Spanish authorities have decided to reinforce the security of the vessel with 16 armed agents of the maritime service who are stationed in Nouadhibou.

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