TEPJF revokes distribution of game spots on radio and television

Jannet López Ponce

Mexico City / 13.01.2021 18:12:28

Due to an excessive distribution of promotional items, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power (TEPJF) revoked the agreement of the National Electoral Institute (INE) with which distributed the schedules and time slots of the political parties’ promotionals in prime time, after the Chamber of the Radio and Television Industry (CIRT) as well as several concessionaires presented challenges.

The magistrates considered that the General Council of the INE “did not act within the framework of what is established by the Radio and Television Regulations, which indicate as a valid parameter for the distribution of promotional items for political parties, the hours with the highest audience; However, the criterion applies only to electoral campaigns, not to the ordinary period stage in which we are currently”.

The CIRT alleged that the INE’s decision involves an injury to its members, because a loss is generated in commercial times by these modifications that were never consulted.

What also, “contravenes the electoral norm and is a violation of the principles of legality and legal certainty, since it imposes the obligation to transmit promotional items arbitrarily”.

The Superior Chamber gave them the reason when considering that the INE did not present any justification to change these criteria in the times that do not correspond to campaigns and ordered him to make the corresponding modifications.



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