Terminator Vémola rode with the formula in Brno: There was no lack of speed or a great hour

Carlos “Terminator” Vémola, who is the most popular Czech fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA), began to enjoy the engines. Within a week, he had tried off-road sidecaring and now he has experience with a Form3 3 car. And that will be discussed now.

The whole event, which took place at the Automotodrom in Brno, is a bet from one social event in mid-June. Holder of several titles in the medium and semi-heavyweight MMA Karlos “Terminator” Vémola bet with Vladimír Netušil, who this year won the Central European FIA Formula 3 Championship. to the classic one-round MMA match.

Together they found two dates in mid-October on the Brno circuit. The other was as a reserve in case the weather didn’t work out. In box number 19, a black Dallar F318 Mercedes monopost was prepared on Day D for the flags of the Effective Racing team, whose engine has an output of 199 kW (270 hp) behind the driver’s back. Before the ride itself, the martial arts master fit into the narrow cockpit of the monopost. He got acquainted with the monopost, the steering wheel, whether to use the pedals with one foot or both. “The boys from the team explained to me that both feet are used by ten percent of the racers when working on the pedals, who make up the highest level in motorsport. And the way I do it, it’s okay, “said Carlos as he got out of the monopost and looked at it from all sides.

When he found the right time, Vladimír Netušil first got into the car to test the track, brakes, warm up the engine and tires. He returned after three rounds. He adjusted the straps on the HANS protective collar and helped Vémol into his helmet. Carlos managed the difficult start of the car without any problems. “It’s not an easy matter, it’s a racing special that requires gentle treatment,” explains Vladimír Netušil on the box wall. As the car headed into the pits with Vémola after six laps, the Terminator jumped out of the car and garnered applause from those present. “Dude, I’ve been rummaging through,” he said after taking off his helmet, adding a moment later, “You’ll know that your body and muscles are used to a different way of exertion. I’d rather take it to the pits earlier so I don’t do anything stupid, “said Carlos.

An hour and a half after the first performance, the Terminator Vémola set out on the Karlos track for the second time. Compared to previous times, he appeared on the finish line half a minute earlier. The subjective view was significantly faster on the plain. It first reached a time of 3: 03.69, now the stopwatch has stopped at 2: 34.90 minutes. And that was an improvement of 28.79 seconds on one lap of 5,403 kilometers. On the plain he drove at a top speed of 187.65 km / h. In the last lap he drove, he spun 36O degrees in a difficult place where the track rises from the lowest point of the circuit. “It’s incredibly addictive when you get close to another racer. Competitiveness is evident in a person and he wants to prove something. I have fulfilled my mission, now it is up to Vladimir to prepare for what awaits him. “


The boss and owner of the team, Vladimír Netušil, looked satisfied in the pits: “I think Karlos showed how clever, teachable and able to listen. On the one hand, I was not surprised to know his professional approach to everything he does. If I had to mark his performance on the first day of the circuit according to the school scale, I would definitely give him one. “

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The Vémol fighter “raced” his part of the bet. The advantage is now on the Terminator’s side, which his challenger must work on. “Now it’s the cage fight. From the beginning of the bet, we agreed not to save each other. The fight should take place by Christmas. I hope I can prove my abilities in a cage. If I lose, we will certainly find the third decisive duel, but it is still a secret, “adds Vladimír Netušil to his view of the development of the bet.

Karlos Terminator Vémola after experience behind the wheel

Formulas have my respect

There is a beater in the cage, he behaved in a completely humble way in the pits of the Brno circuit. Apparently he sensed that he was in an environment where he was not at home. He acted like a person who is interested in an environment in which he is not sure, but is learning.

Are you glad that you accepted the invitation of Vladimír Netušil?

Certainly. He provided me with a huge experience that I will remember all my life. And maybe it doesn’t have to happen again.

What was going on in your head when you were standing on the track?

I remain calm in all circumstances, even in a cage fight. I didn’t confuse even now, although it wasn’t the most pleasant feeling when formulas flew around me. I managed to start on the second try and then I preferred to head to the pits. It’s very addictive when you’re chasing someone on the track. In such a situation, you can easily overestimate the strength, and I did not want that.

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Were you scared?

I admit that I was a little scared the whole time I didn’t make a mistake or get in anyone’s footsteps. People often ask me if I’m not afraid. When I climb into a cage to fight, the other is always afraid. However, I can have a monocle, an embossed tooth or a torn ear. When a formula driver makes a mistake, it’s about life. It’s a huge adrenaline rush and these guys can handle it. It’s a daily routine, just like when I go to the cage.

Are you watching F1 races?

I’ll see when I have time, but most of all I love Rivals about Niki Laud and James Hunt. You know, I like stories, and this one was true and it really worked.

Did you concentrate while driving or did you enjoy the ride?

I tried to pay attention to everything the mechanics and Vladimir told me. When we discussed the first ride, I was advised to watch the red LEDs on the steering wheel as I shifted. This helped me a lot in the second run, because I shifted too early in the first. This experience helped me speed up.

What’s next with your bet?

I got my ride and knew it was no fun. Now it will be necessary to arrange some training for Vladimir before he joins me. I think he’ll know that MMA is no fun either.


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