Terrifying moments.. Dina El-Sherbiny reveals the details of “Day 13”

Dina El-Sherbiny


The Egyptian actress explained to Al-Arabiya.net that her movie, which achieved great success, is the first Egyptian movie of the quality of three-dimensional works.

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A state of artistic brilliance that she is experiencing these days after the great success she achieved in the last Ramadan season in the series “The Complete Number”, and she did not stop, but rather continued that success after the revenues achieved by her latest movie “Day 13”, which has achieved nearly 28 million pounds so far. Dina El-Sherbiny said in her interview with Al-Arabiya.net, “The idea of ​​the 3D movie for me was surprising, and it was an experience I wished to present, and I was excited to be part of the work team, and I was happy to see myself in a 3D way, as she confirmed her happiness with the reactions.” which she received on the film that is currently shown in cinemas and issues daily movie revenues from a while, and also confirmed that she is preparing a number of works, including the movie “Tag” with Tamer Hosni, in addition to that she is waiting for the show “Shaqo”.

Dina El-Sherbiny

* The movie “Day 13” is a new experience for Egyptian cinema?

Praise be to God, it is indeed a new experience, and I was excited about it. When the idea of ​​the film was presented to me from the beginning, and he showed it to director Wael Abdullah, my enthusiasm for the film increased, especially after reading the script. It will be the first Egyptian film of this kind, as the story is very strange to our Arab region, and I very much welcomed the idea, and it was an experience that I wished to present, and I was excited to be part of the work team, because the way the work was executed and photographed in 3D technology is one of the things that excited me most about it, and I was I am happy to see myself with this technique that has spread in world cinema for a long time.

* What difficulties did you encounter in preparing the film?

Since the movie is horror, most of the scenes were filmed in low light, but the most difficult scene was when I was suspended from the ceiling, so I was afraid at first, but with time I liked the idea and it was implemented, and it was very entertaining, and there was a scene by Ahmed Dawood that I felt I was very afraid for him while he was filming, which is the scene of the chandelier falling on him, and I told him more than once not to perform this scene, because the chandelier might fall on him, but he insisted on implementing the scene.


* How did you see the success of the movie “Day 13” and what are the strangest reactions?

I was very happy with the audience’s reaction, because the audience became aware and inclined to the new work, and the work we got tired of, because it started filming since 2019, and we were filming many hours per day, and thank God when I watched the movie, I felt proud to participate in it with a group of artists who made an effort It is great, and that it is the first triple film in which I participate, which is a great honor for me, and the success of the film is a gift from God, due to the great effort made by the work team.

* Tell us about the character “Hanan” that you presented in the work?

Hanan is one of the most characters who presented scenes dominated by “horror” and excitement, and one of the most of these scenes is the scene in which I clung to the ceiling of my room. This scene is the scene that made me feel the most fear. It is reassuring, especially that the Oscar company that produces the film deals with these matters very professionally, especially in its implementation. The scene really exhausted me greatly, and the preparation for it took two days, but thank God I felt happy in the end.

Behind the scenes of Taj

How did you come to this character?

I made sure to study the character and its dimensions well, in addition to the discussion sessions that brought me together with producer Wael Abdullah, to agree on the final form in which the character would come out. After that, I underwent extensive rehearsals before filming began, but I faced several difficulties during filming. Filming 3D films is very different from filming. Ordinary films, and it takes many hours, as I have made a very great effort in a way that has never happened before.

* How did the movie “Day 13” affect the personality of Dina El-Sherbiny, especially the horror scenes?

I am a person who is very afraid, as ambiguity raises my fears, and despite that, I love presenting this type of work, especially since the audience also tends to it and it achieves great success in theaters, just as “we used to laugh at each other throughout the filming, and I was always afraid of Ahmed Daoud and Sherif Mounir.”

* And from cinema to drama, I presented a different work last Ramadan than the dramas that you presented before, so what is the reason?

I was hoping to present a different dramatic color than what I have been presenting in recent years, so I chose to present a family drama that the Egyptian family could watch together in Ramadan, in a way that is not devoid of the audience’s beloved comedy, and when I was offered “the full number” I did not hesitate because I was very impressed with the idea of ​​​​the work. And I was pleased to work with the director of the work, Khaled Al-Halafawi, with whom I collaborated before in the movie “A Lie Every Day,” and the rest of the crew, whom I was very pleased to stand in front of.

* And how was the cooperation with the star Sherif Salama and Essad Younes?

It is the first collaboration with Sharif Salama, and working with him was fun. As for Esaad Younis, I love her and I was very happy with her agreement to share the work with us, as it is a great addition. I was also pleased to work with the director Khaled Al-Halafawi, as he is a very distinguished director and the scenes of photography were wonderful.

* What’s new for you?

I started filming my scenes in the movie “Taj” with the artist Tamer Hosni during the past few days, and its events take place in a fantasy comic framework. In fact, I am very happy to work with Tamer Hosni, because I love and respect him very much. And Muhammad Mamdouh and Amina Khalil, through which I embody the character of a nurse, and it is an exciting work and its events are unconventional. I choose my works very carefully, and I take a long time to select the offers I receive.

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