Terror in Christchurch: residents mourn 49 deaths the day after the double attack

panorama Day after the terror

Christchurch cries – Street gangs also show sympathy

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The prime minister informs the press conference about the situation in New Zealand

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has classified the attack on two multi-killed mosques as a terrorist act. See his press conference in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, on the current situation.

The day after the double stop, New Zealand counts on the community: the flowers accumulate in front of the mosques, there were commemorative events. The members of a clan approached the Muslims. The stars have also tweeted solidarity.

Christchurch is still in shock. Near the crime scenes, many people laid flowers and lighted candles. With about 50,000 believers – including many immigrants from countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh – Muslims are a minority in New Zealand.

In the double attack, 49 people died on Friday, including several children. A total of 39 people are still treated in various hospitals in New Zealand, eleven of them in intensive care.


Residents plant flowers or pray


While some of the citizens' letters pointed out that the victims were welcome home and welcome, other New Zealanders demanded a tightening of arms laws.

"We are one and together we are strong", writes a girl


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had previously announced in Wellington to tighten arms laws. In New Zealand, every citizen over the age of 16 can obtain a firearms license if he has previously attended a safety course.

After the attack on the mosques, Ardern visited the refugee center

Prime Minister Ardern (r.) In a conversation with relatives in Christchurch

Source: dpa / –

"Based solely on the fact that this person has a gun license and could buy weapons of this caliber, many people will request changes and I will fight for it," Ardern continued.

According to Prime Minister Ardern, he wanted to commit further acts when he was arrested. He had two other firearms in the car and intended to continue his attacks.

Dozens of citizens gathered in Aotea Square, Auckland, to commemorate the victims. "Aotea" means "port" in Maori.

Mourners on Aotea Square

Mourners on Aotea Square in Auckland

Source: Getty Images / Phil Walter

Members of local street gangs mingled with people mourning for crime scenes. The photos showed how the members of the "Mongrel Mob" spoke and even embraced their fellow Muslims. The Gang is considered one of the largest in New Zealand, in addition to organized crime and homicide.

A member of a street gang embraces a fellow Muslim citizen

A member of a street gang embraces a fellow Muslim citizen


The imam of one of the two attacked mosques has made a clear commitment to New Zealand. "We still love this country," said Ibrahim Abdul Halim. The extremists "would never shake our trust", added the imam to the mosque in Linwood, a suburb of Christchurch.

Many stars have expressed their sympathy

Many international stars have also expressed their solidarity with New Zealand. Canadian singer Bryan Adams canceled his Sunday concert in Christchurch out of respect for the victims.

New Zealand actor and director Russell Crowe said on Twitter that his heart was broken. He finished the message with "Kia kaha"- which means in the language of the Maori indigenous people "Stay strong".

The American singer John Legend has asked for more cohesion on Twitter against the claims of supremacy of white terrorists.

The American actress Mia Farrow has criticized US President Donald Trump on Twitter. He had to be the victim Expressing compassion, after which Farrow told him in an answer that one of his first acts was the exile of Muslims from the United States. "Anti-refugee statements are perceived all over the world and can cause the worst in people. You are not innocent in this massacre."

Meanwhile, the main suspect was officially charged with murder on Saturday. A court in Christchurch ordered this under close supervision by an auditor.



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