Terrorism charge: the man must face the court in Brisbane after a joint police attack on the property



May 22, 2019 10:42:04

A man from Brisbane was accused of attempting to support a terrorist organization after a joint federal and state police team broke into a house in the southern suburb of Algester yesterday.

Alaa Adam Atwani is accused of supporting the Islamic State in Iraq by providing "Sony Vegas video editing software" to a relative who went to the conflict zone.

The Australian federal police (AFP) said that the relative of Mr. Atwani was working for the "media unit" of the group.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Ian McCartney said the arrest helped protect national security.

"We will affirm that the support provided by this man was tangible and would directly help a terrorist organization with its goals," he said.

Commissioner Peter Fleming, of the Command for security and counter-terrorism, said that extremist groups have used the internet to "exploit" and recruit people.

"The objective of the extremists is to divide them and turn our citizens against each other – but we will not let them win," said Deputy Commissioner Fleming.

The police also assured that there was no threat to the Queensland public.

Commissioner McCartney said the arrest highlighted the solid working relationships between the forces of the Australian order.

"AFP is committed to working with national security partners and law enforcement agencies to identify all the crime associated with Australians who have illegally traveled to participate in the conflict in Syria and Iraq," he said.

Mr. Atwani appeared briefly at the Richlands Magistrates Court this morning.

There was no bail application and he was remanded in custody.

His case must be brought back to court next month, when Atwani should appear via video link.






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May 22, 2019 09:53:23

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