Terrorist attack with knife cuts leaves a dead man


One person was killed and two others were injured in the attack perpetrated by an individual with a knife against several passersby in a central street of the Australian city of Melbourne, which the police described as "terrorist" and that is been claimed by the ISIS terrorist group.

The attacker, who was not identified but who is known to be known by the police and anti-terrorism services, died half an hour after arriving at the hospital, where he was transferred after being hit at the police's chest when he tried to reduce it

"From what we know about this guy so far, we consider him a terrorist incident," said Graham Ashton, chief of the Victoria Police, a South-eastern Australian state whose capital is Melborune, at a news conference.

"He is known by the police, basically in relation to some of his relatives who are of our interest, is someone who is therefore known by the Victoria police and the federal intelligence authorities," the police officer explained.

The assailant resided in a suburb in the northwest of Melbourne and had a history of drug-related crime, robbery and driving, Ashton said, which he avoided providing more information on the attacker.

According to the SBS chain, the individual was a Somali with a relative arrested last year and charged with charges of terrorism.

ISIS assumed responsibility for the attack through the Amaq agency, similar to the jihadist group, and assured that the author of the stabbing was one of his fighters.

The attack occurred at 4:20 pm local time, in the center of Bourke Street, when the assailant parked a car at the entrance to a shopping center and left the vehicle on fire with a knife with which he attacked several pedestrians, one of the dead in the place.

According to Ashton, a vehicle with police officers arrived at the scene after a minute and the attacker attacked the officers with fists through the window just before the police arrived.

"At that moment, he pulled out a knife and tried to attack police officers, one of whom blew his gun and fired once in the attacker's chest," the commissioner said.

The images transmitted on social networks showed that the burning vehicle was moving slowly towards the path, as well as the assaults of a tall man dressed in white trousers and black tunic while several policemen tried to reduce it.

Bourke Street had already been screened on January 20, 2017 of a deliberate abuse in which six people died, including a girl and a ten-year-old girl, presumably perpetrated by 28-year-old Dimitrious Gargasoulas.

Gargasoulas, who was on probation for other crimes, faces a trial before the Supreme Court of Victoria, the highest court of that state, which claimed to suffer from mental illness and was under the influence of drugs.



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