Business Tesla flips electric car scales by detecting a "million-mile"...

Tesla flips electric car scales by detecting a “million-mile” battery

The American auto manufacturer Tesla, which specializes in producing electric cars and batteries, has announced its intention to unveil a new battery for the company’s famous Model 3 called “One Million Miles” battery.

The site reported “pocket-lint“The American specialist in the detection of modern electrical industries said that the disclosure of the new battery is expected to tip the scales of the battery industry in electric cars worldwide.

The battery is scheduled to be launched for the first time in China later this year, or perhaps early next year, but the goal is for Tesla to reduce the cost of its electric cars.

The CEO said Tesla Elon MuskFor investors it will unveil more advanced battery technology in late May, and according to the report, the plan was to produce a low-cost battery designed to last a million miles of use.

The new battery was called the “Million Mile” battery, as it is jointly developed by a company Amperex Technology (CATLChinese and team TeslaAcademic battery experts.

The new battery is said to benefit from low-cobalt-free and cobalt-free battery chemicals, as well as chemical additives, materials and coatings, all of which should help reduce pressure and allow the battery to store more energy for a longer period.

Future batteries, with better energy density, storage capacity and lower cost, will be rolled out to Tesla cars outside China.


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