Tesla in Germany promises to double production without increasing water consumption

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has submitted a factory expansion application to the German authorities, promising to double production without increasing water consumption. Tesla promises that the Berlin plant will be able to produce 1 million cars a year after the expansion when the plant is operating at full capacity.

Since the first days of construction, Tesla has had problems with environmental activists in Germany. One of the main problematic issues is exactly the factory’s water consumption and concerns about possible water pollution. Tesla even started research a few months ago to find possible sources of additional water for its needs.

The manufacturer’s calculations show that 1 million machines can be produced without increasing water consumption. As reported by the media, the application outlines the planned improvements at the factory, as well as expansion works. The manufacturer must work in several directions at the same time as it begins to develop its planned factory in Mexico.

Although Tesla plans an ambitious expansion and promises high production volumes in the future, the factory in the German capital is still not working at full capacity and is still not able to meet the goals of producing 500 thousand cars a year. It has already been reported quite a lot about Tesla’s troubles in Berlin – problems in the paint shop, insufficient number of employees, problems attracting and retaining employees. Although the volume increase is slower than planned, some progress is being observed and more and more units are being produced in Berlin.

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