Tesla launches the economic version of Model 3 at $ 35,000


Tesla, an automotive and alternative energy company, announced the sale of an inexpensive version of its Model 3 electric car, at a price very close to that estimated by the company's founder, Elon Musk, when he started production of the traditional version of the vehicle, last year.

The vehicle, considered mid-level by Musk, will cost $ 35,000 and it is now possible to place the order on the company's website, the executive said via the Twitter social network.

The price includes "federal and state tax refunds in California, but the real cost of ownership is closer to $ 31,000 after fuel savings," Musk explained in his social network account.

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Prior to the announcement, Model 3 could be obtained in $ 45,000 in its simplest version, according to Tesla's page.



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