Tesla lowers the price of its model 3, to the detriment of the now more expensive model S and X


Aware of the complexity of his offer of electric cars, Tesla has decided to make a small restyling more than welcome in his catalog. Not without reviewing the price list of its products.

Tesla's offer, a puzzle that tries to simplify itself. The electric vehicle manufacturer has in fact redesigned its catalog to wipe out what at times seemed to be a mess without a name. Several times, Elon Musk has tried to change, for example by removing the 75 kWh versions of Tesla Model X and S, or introducing a Model from $ 3 to $ 35,000. Before turning back

Model S and X: goodbye Standard version

In short, the changes in your configurator are not really in the last twelve months, to the point of losing potentially interested users. That's why the Californian company has decided to take the bull from the two trumpets that drastically simplify its offer, while we learn a Press release published by the British agency Reuters.

In the menu of the day: the cancellation of the Standard version of the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV. Only the Great Autonomy and Performance versions are now on the agenda. Consequences: the starting price of the aforementioned duo increases logically. The former therefore rises to 79,990 dollars (excluding the bonus, Great autonomy), when the latter reaches 84,990 dollars (excluding the bonus, Great autonomy).

A model 3 even more economical

The Tesla Model 3 retains its three versions, but sees the price of the Standard Plus range below $ 38,990, excluding the bonus. " To further simplify the purchase of our vehicles, we are standardizing our range of vehicles and rationalizing the number of finishing modules available for the S, X and 3 models. Said the mark in the press release.

To see if this change will increase, or not, the sales of its zero-emission vehicles in the rest of the year. The second quarter of the 2019 harvest is in any case again in the annals of the company after record deliveries: 95 200 models, including 77 550 Model 3. A trend that should continue in the third and penultimate quarter of the year.


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