Tesla Model Y is the world’s best-selling electric car in 2022; also 2nd place Tesla

According to the results of 2022, two models of the US car manufacturer Tesla occupy the first two places in the ranking of BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) cars.

According to the information published by Motor1, the most purchased electric drive car in 2022 is the Tesla crossover Model Y, which is at the very top of the list with 747,500 registrations and a significant gap in followers. The second place is also occupied by Tesla – Model 3 has been chosen by 482,200 buyers, while Wuling Hongguang Mini is in the third position with 443,400 registrations.

Immediately behind the top three are two models of the BYD concern: Dolphin (205,200) and Atto 3 (180,600), ahead of Volkswagen ID.4 (175,600) and BYD Qin (163,400).

Eighth and ninth place are taken by two Aion models: Y (119,800) and S (117,000), while another BYD luxury sedan Han (116,500) rounds out the top ten.

An impressive performance has been demonstrated by Tesla, which has only four models in its offer. 95 percent of the cars sold are Model Y and Model 3, while Model S and Roadster are more likely to be considered niche products.

An equally important contribution to the contribution of “green” cars is the Chinese concern BYD, which currently sells only BEVs and PHEVs (chargeable hybrids), sharing these quantities in almost perfect proportions of 50:50. let’s add that there are four BYD models in the top ten, which make up 71 percent of all cars sold by the company in 2022.

And what’s more, the dominance of Chinese products cannot be overlooked, because apart from Tesla and Volkswagen, the rest of the TOP-10 representatives originate from this country.

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