Tesla now sells electric cars with 370 mile radius


Tesla has increased the range of its latest Model S and Model X cars by 10%, now able to reach a maximum of 370 and 325 miles respectively. The increase is the result of an enhanced transmission, and was achieved without making changes to the current 100 kWh batteries of cars. Cars can also charge faster and have an improved suspension design.

The updates extend Tesla's advantage over most of its competition, which still struggles to reach the 300-mile EPA threshold. The 2019 Nissan Leaf has a maximum EPA range of 226 miles, the Chevy Bolt has 238 miles, Jaguar's I-Pace recently received a 234-mile rating and the Audi E-tron is up to 204 miles.

At the other end of the market, Tesla also announced that it is reporting the standard versions of the S and X models. The 285 mile S model will cost $ 78,000, while the 250 mile X model will be $ 83,000. The changes come in the wake of Tesla which stops the online sales of the 3 $ 35,000 model and adds the autopilot as standard to the rest of its vehicles.

The new Model S and Model X cars will be able to recharge more quickly from Tesla's Superchargers. They will be able to attract 200 kW from the V3 charging stations of the company and 145 kW from the V2. When the V3 compressors were announced for the first time in early March, both cars were limited to 120 kW. Only model 3 can take advantage of the maximum speed of 250 kW.

Outside the new transmission design, the new Model S and Model X cars are also equipped with a new air suspension system that Tesla claims to feel softer during cruising and more responsive during "dynamic driving". The company says it intends to continue to improve the system with future software updates.

The new Tesla Model S and Model X are available from today. If existing owners of both cars want to buy one of the new models, Tesla will include a $ 20,000 Ludicrous mode upgrade at no additional cost.


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